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Ketone strip accuracy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Artgirl, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Artgirl

    Artgirl Approved members

    Nov 15, 2015
    Hi all

    Is it possible for the ketone urine testing strips to give inaccurate results even if you follow the expiry date and 6 month rule of a opened package?
    My daughter showed moderate to high ketones yesterday went to emergency only to be told that she has no ketones in her urine or blood. Glad we went but waited 8 hours for no reason. Have any of you had problems with urine strips for ketones?
  2. MomofSweetOne

    MomofSweetOne Approved members

    Aug 28, 2011
    It is possible for any test strip to be off, which is why the meters come with test strip solution. Did you retest with a second or third strip? I would, especially before heading to ER, but my daughter feels her ketones starting at 0.2, so even moderate levels don't usually surprise us and we rely heavily on her body to tell us in addition to testing.

    Are you aware there are blood ketone strips? They measure in real time and are more accurate. I'd highly recommend them, especially since the kids are so used to testing in blood anyway and they tend to be more compliant with testing as needed. At least my daughter has zero interest in urine testing, but blood is no big deal.

    Articles such as this are convincing as to the benefit:

    More information here: http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_0n_030.htm

    You can get free ketone meters at:
    Precision Xtra https://www.myfreestyle.com/get-a-free-meter
    NovaMax https://storefront.novacares.com/storefront/

    We've used both. I feel the Precision Xtra is more accurate and requires less retests, but that's just our experience. Either is far superior to urine testing. They are more costly than urine, but they come individually wrapped, so you don't throw out the entire package after six months like with urine.

    Ketones require extra insulin to clear before the blood sugar comes down. Our doctor has taught us 10% of total daily dose for small, 15% for moderate, and 20% for large. We've found the 10% is too much for my daughter, but maybe that's because we've added it onto a correction dose? a YDMV? It's a time to watch the cgm carefully and keep retesting ketones every couple of hours .
  3. rgcainmd

    rgcainmd Approved members

    Feb 6, 2014
    Blood ketone strips are definitely the way to go. I trashed those urine ketone strips the moment we got our hands on blood ketone strips and the accompanying meter. And have never looked back.

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