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I am so awed by my daughter...

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by MommaKat, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. MommaKat

    MommaKat Approved members

    Sep 2, 2011
    I don't want to hijack the thread on what people plan to do on 11/14, WDD. I've mentioned a few (too many?) times, the AP at the middle school, and how she's treated D as something to be hidden, like testing in the hall, health room bathroom, etc. Which we've fought against successfully.

    Given that, I really was surprised when dd said she wanted to do something for T1 Day and World Diabetes Day. When she hurt her leg, that went on the back burner until she brought it up again this last Monday. Dd asked me to email the counselor and ask if they could mention WDD in the announcements, and maybe even have a Wear Blue Day. She was so behind from missed time she was afraid to ask herself. The counselor was awesome, and asked that both requests be honored. She and my daughter even made a handful of posters to hang around the school.

    So, this morning she asked if we could buy a white T shirt for her to decorate. She's been posting in the teen forum, and read the diabetes facts LantusFiend posted in this one. She wants to put those on the back of the shirt. On the front she wants the blue circle with the words I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I was shocked and asked if she was sure. Her response was fairly forceful. "I don't want this to be hidden, Mom." She went on from there, about how she doesn't care who knows, sees her test, how people shouldn't have to hide who they are, how it's not healthy to pretend it isn't there.

    She makes me smile and cry at the same time. She has so totally taken this on, and grown so much. Sure, there are days she's pissed and others that she's sad or sulky. But this, this is her new norm. She's adamant that D be a visible 'part' of her everyday, just not what runs her day, and she thinks hiding it gives it too much power. How the heck did she get so smart?! It's been a super long day, and that conversation carried me through it. Just had to share a proud / happy moment brought on, oddly enough, by having D in our lives.
  2. lisamustac

    lisamustac Approved members

    Mar 9, 2009
    What an amazing young lady you are raising. You should be very proud :)
  3. kpoehls

    kpoehls Approved members

    Apr 18, 2009
    This girl is wise beyond her years.... Good for her!
  4. momof2greatkids

    momof2greatkids Approved members

    Jan 4, 2011
    It sounds like your daughter has a really healthy outlook on it all! That's awesome!

    My daughter just started middle school this year, too, and is very private about diabetes with only a couple of her friends knowing. I think she would have less pressure on herself if she didn't try so hard to hide it. I can't push too hard though because she's very responsible about testing and getting shots. Just hoping she will get more comfortable and open with it in time!
  5. Poodle

    Poodle Approved members

    Jul 6, 2011
    I wish I could be as awsome as your daughter
  6. danielsmom

    danielsmom Approved members

    Jul 18, 2011
    I think is wonderful your daughter is being true to herself and letting the world know how wonderful she and life are even with being diabetic. Daniel may not like to have discussions about D....but he's never been embarassed to get his shots in public, or let his friends see him being tested...they ask a question,and we answer it.. I never want him to feel bad about what is going on with him.. It real life..and he deserves the best of it... Kudos to your daughter for taking charge!

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