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Hello, 13-year-old just diagnosed

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by autumns mom, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. mollgirl

    mollgirl Approved members

    Sep 2, 2008
    Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join. My son was diagnosed right before his 15th birthday and we have been at this for about 15 months. I have learned alot from this site and the wonderful people on here.
  2. tandjjt

    tandjjt Approved members

    Sep 14, 2006
    My son was diagnosed 3 years ago and is now 12. The first few weeks/months are tough, but I remember Tyler saying how much better he felt due to the insulin and that makes the stress worthwhile ;)

    It will get easier but you will have ups and downs for quite some time. We still have them... There will be days where you just want to throw up your hands and if your daughter is like my son, days where the meter flies across the room:rolleyes: Just know that its all pretty normal because what we have to deal with gets pretty frustrating and there is no vacation... On bad days, I try to let Tyler vent pretty good and then sit down with him and remind him that we need to be thankful that insulin was invented/discovered -if not for insulin, we would be joining a much different kind of "support group" and although difficult at times, I would much rather be having the worst ever "D" day than facing life without my sweet son.

    Look into the possibility of getting an insulin pump - it helps "do the math" and gives freedom from all the shots. It isn't for everyone but lots of folks really like it better than the 4-6 shots (or more) per day route.

    If you do a lot of reading here you will get lots of good info. One of the first things I suggest you learn are the acronyms you will see being used... Just one to start you off:

    MDI= multiple daily injections, which is what you all are doing now

    Good luck with going back to school. Best thing to hope for is to have a really good school nurse who "gets" the importance of everything that will need to be done and how she will need to help. Also, if you are in public school, you should look right away into getting a 504 plan to keep your child safe in school.

    Best of luck and see you on the message board!
  3. Mom2rh

    Mom2rh Approved members

    Mar 15, 2006
    Just wanted to put my welcome in too. Sorry you are here...but know that there are no dumb questions, no bad emotions, and lots of people who have walked in your shoes already.

    All of this stuff will get easier...although it never gets easy. I don't want to overwhelm you with advice right now...just take it a day at a time.

    BTW, my son was dx'd at 11...he'll be 15 at the end of next week.
  4. Toni

    Toni Banned

    Sep 14, 2009
    Hi and welcome. I think it must be very hard being diagnosed as a teenager. I am glad your daughter is accepting her diagnosis. After a short period of time, you will probably have the carb counts for most of what she eats memorized. Keep a Calorie king book in the car, purse and at home, plus it is on the internet, as well. You can administer insulin with MDI or the insulin pump. There is a pump that you can place directly on the body, without any tubing, OmniPod. They are going to make the OmniPod even flatter shortly. Minimed will also come out with a flat version like the OmniPod, supposedly next year, as well. If I were a teen, I would probably be interested in one of those; I think the design idea is a good one. I hope you and your daughter are holding up; it is very difficult to come to grips with all that is required. You can live a normal life, a different sort of normal, but everything is going to be okay.

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