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City of Hope research funded by private donors + Iacocca based on Dr Faustman's approach

Discussion in 'Research' started by ecure, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. ecure

    ecure Approved members

    Nov 13, 2010
    City of Hope research funded by private donors + Iacocca based on Dr Faustman's approach.

    If you read Dr Faustman's patent who describes her approach to treat diabetes type 1 she mentionned several potentials second compounds and third compounds potentially in some very advanced diabetes t1 or a way to speed up reversal speed.

    City of hope try to replicate Dr Faustman's approach through another first compound anti-cd3 + healthy donor t-cells + stimulator agent of regeneration like gastrin/egf

    Dr Faustman described possibility to use healthy donor cells with bcg or other compounds listed in her patent like anti-cd3 but BCG has the best safety profile and patent expired you could ever use . So it's probably the main reasons why she prefers to use BCG.. It's really bright to have selected bcg from Dr Faustman.
    You cannot find a donor easily in every case .. So it's the reason Dr Faustman wants to develop in future trial a potential a second compound to combine with bcg for those who could not find an healthy donor...

    In theory(past animal studies with natural occuring auto-immune diabetes+some human studies) if you combine BCG + healthy donor cells you could induce a permanent reversal of diabetes t1. You may need some beta-cells regeneration stimulator agent to speed-up reversal in some cases. These three compounds approach combined like Dr Faustman described in her patent is the ultimate reversal regimen to reverse diabetes t1 very fast and permanently.

    You could read more details about this research at :


    City of Hope research funded by private donors + Iacocca based on Dr Faustman's approach

    summary image of city of hope research based on Dr Faustman's approach:

    If you read Dr Faustman's patent , everything in this image should not be new for you.
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  2. millyyates

    millyyates Approved members

    May 12, 2008
    The City of Hope Research has nothing to do with Dr Faustmans work.

    It's about knocking out the immune system and regenerating islets with stem cells.

    Best of luck to both approaches but one has nothing to do with the other.
  3. ecure

    ecure Approved members

    Nov 13, 2010
    City of hope has several researches. I think you are confused with one other research. They are not trying to regenerate islets with stem cells... Check at image I provided in right part.
    Moreover, Dr Faustman described stem-cells therapy as potential compound combination as well in her patent. It's very interesting to read..read it and you will get a lot of answers to your questions.

    Look about theory behind Dr Faustman's approach, you will see this research I presented is based on Dr Faustman's method presented in her patent. Sure, they are some technical differences but if you look at theory behind their research and Dr Faustman's method presented in her patent. She mentionned anti-cd3/cd8 family compound too.. you will realize City of hope is based on Dr Faustman's approach theory.. We must acknowledge Dr Faustman her contribution. Dr Faustman changed the old paradigm and she stimulates new researches like city of hope to start.
    You didn't read her patent as I see ..

    City of hope may have several researches but the one I presented use Gastrin/EGF compounds to stimulate the regeneration of beta-cells. (third-compound)

    First compound anti-cd3 and anti-cd8.. BCG is in group of first compound under pathway..
    Second compound is healthy donor t-cells .. so it's not really a compound .

    First compound : Remove the bad t-cells
    Second compound: Remove the precusor bad t cells
    Third compound: stimulate the regeneration of pancreas

    If you take time to read Dr Faustman's patent, you will realize first,second,third and even fourth compound group are described in her patent with all the details. and you will realize city of hope research I cited is linked to Dr Faustman's method..

    They don't use a medical drug as a second compound either..They will just use t-cells from healthy donor like Dr Faustman described as a possibility in her patent.
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  4. joshualevy

    joshualevy Approved members

    Dec 30, 2008
    ecure, you're seriously confused.
    Dr. Faustman's theory is to use BCG to generate TNF and lower the autoreactive T-cells.

    The City of Hope work does not involve BCG or TNF or any treatment that effects either one of those things. It's totally unrelated. In the past Dr. Faustman has specifically said that her treatment was better than and different then anti-CD3 treatments, because her treatment would just target the bad T-cells, and not all the CD3 T cells.

    You seem to think that BCG is an anti-CD3 or anti-CD8 treatment. Do you have a source for that? This paper:
    seems to say that BCG causes more CD3 and more CD8 cells to be generated.

    Joshua Levy
  5. ecure

    ecure Approved members

    Nov 13, 2010

    Both approaches are related ... Let me explain you.
    I know anti-cd3 acts on different pathway than bcg..They are not related on pathway but on final objective.
    I mentioned that in my previous post.
    The two compounds aim both to reduce level of bad t-cells through different pathways ..

    So Dr Faustman approach method in her patent including:
    first compound= One compound to remove all the bad t-cells. Different compounds are proposed in her patent who use different pathways.
    Second compound= One compound to educate immune system or self-tolerance to anti-gene but in this research (city of hope), they don't use a second compound really, it's healthy donor t-cells.
    Third compound= A compound to speed up the regeneration of pancreas.
    Fourth compound and five compound are even described in her patent who act at different level of pathway.

    I agree with Dr Faustman BCG has safer profile..Dr Faustman evaluated all the different pathway compounds through her method patent.. Read it if you didn't read it yet.

    Bcg is really a wise choice from her.

    Moreover, you should read between the lines... It's normal Dr Faustman watch her words carefully in press release and will not declare sentence..like we will cure or reverse diabetes type 1.etc..she learned from first controversy.. She has a lot of opposing people like Joshua. Even if she didn't say bcg could induce temporary remission in public , it doesn't mean she don't think differently in private according her data and medical literatures of other researchers.
    To be more clear TNF inducer like BCG could induce temporary reversal acccording the data we have from several different researchers. We had some human data from other auto-immune diseases who showed TNF-inducer effect..We have even some scarce data from new-onset diabetes t1 and TNF-inducer its benefits.
    Vitamin d is TNF-inducer... We have other data who confirms it.. Moreover, Milk is linked to increase risk of diabetes t1.. Several factors or contributors exist... like low vitamin d or high consumption of milk, pathogen-free, food processing,gluten,etc a lot of hypothesis .. as I think a combination of several factors and genetic factor as well could increase or decrease your risk to develop diabetes t1.

    PS: Dr Faustman could reverse some diabetics type 1 within 1 year if the bureacracy and our medical system was more straightforward.. We have problem at core of our system regarding the elaboration of methodology and methodology restriction.. (phase II is important and we should oppose us if FDA is too much restricting in future phase II methodology approved by THEM(FDA) ).

    Joshua you criticized Dr faustmn about phase I paper long time to be published.. You should criticize the peer-journal review process who could put a hold on the research paper publications.
    You should criticize FDA to have restricted only 3 treated subjects in phase I.. FDA is responsible to restrict methodology. DR Faustman will never say it in public to avoid attack from FDA but as expert like you Joshua you should know everything I said. So I'm asking me why are you so much focus on smear campaign toward Dr Faustman? Any conflict of interests hidden? You kept telling lies about DR Faustman and she was responsible herself personnally the results was not published.. In fact , it's the reviewing process who puts a delay to publication.. As an expert you pretend, you should have never disseminated lies like that. You should contact FDA and tell them to authorize publication of raw data as soon as the research is completed... So you will get raw data very early before all the reviewing process is completed who could take years in some cases.
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