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Discussion in 'Teens' started by Mgirod, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Mgirod

    Mgirod Approved members

    Apr 29, 2014
    Do you have to have a pump to have a cgm or can you just have a cgm? Which cgm seems to be the most popular? I've heard of dexcom and animas. Thanks!
  2. MomofSweetOne

    MomofSweetOne Approved members

    Aug 28, 2011
    You can CGM without having a pump. There are two brands: Dexcom & Medtronic. The Medtronic is integrated with a pump; Dexcom stands alone. We used Medtronic for one year. We thought we would like the integration (one thing attached to my daughter), but after we switched to Dexcom, we found that for a teen, it is much nicer to have a receiver that can be left where parental curiosity can be satisified without patting down the teen.

    The Medtronic CGM has a very small range. It often couldn't read if my daughter's body were between the transmitter and the receiver. The Dexcom reads her all over the house. I can have it at my bedside at night to monitor her BGs and let her sleep. For that to happen with Medtronic, you have to buy the MySentry at a significant investment, and the MySentry is not portable like the Dexcom receiver. CGM in the Cloud can now be used with the Dexcom, which is a way of giving teens more independence. (Read Swellman's recent post on the topic.)

    Dexcom has several different sound profiles. Medtronic has one, and it is so quiet that it can't be heard through layers of blankets.

    The Medtronic is a very demanding CGM. We had good accuracy with it, but we had to be very careful with calibrations to have it be so. If you go too long without giving it a calibration, it quits reading. The Dexcom continues to flash a blood drop symbol periodically, but it continues to give readings. It's saved us more than once when meters have accidentally been left at home. Some of the Dexcom's alerts (like the BG blood drop) are visual rather than auditory, which is nice. My daughter says the Medtronic is very "demanding" and beeped over non-essentials too much. She has zero interest in switching back to the Medtronic CGM, even though the new sensor is supposed to hurt much less than the old Sof-sensor.
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