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Blizzard is hitting, are you ready?

Discussion in 'Parents Off Topic' started by Bigbluefrog, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Bigbluefrog

    Bigbluefrog Approved members

    Oct 1, 2010
    Are you getting this snow? I just took my dd to school, saw a few cars in ditches and very slow driving.

    Snow blower isn't working, and I know I will be shoveling! My achy back is balking already.

    We are expected to get 20 inches in Milwaukee.
  2. mandapanda1980

    mandapanda1980 Approved members

    Oct 28, 2010
    West siddee of MI here and its hitting us tonight. 14-16 expected.

    My husband plows and has 30 accounts including our local school...and honestly that much snow is too much, he can't keep up! And with the blowing and drifting they said to expect 5 to 6 foot drifts. Yuck.

    Meijer last night was crazy. We were just picking up a prescription but it was like christmas all over again with people preparing.

    Bunking down in the house with the kids and generator is ready!
  3. twintype1s

    twintype1s Approved members

    Jun 4, 2010
    Kansas City--freezing rain yesterday, blizzard warning today with 12-20" expected. Schools were all cancelled last night before the first flake of snow had fallen. The weather guys are making it sound like the end of the world is coming.
  4. JeremysDad

    JeremysDad Approved members

    Dec 28, 2009
    Racine and Kenosha are supposed to bear the brunt of the blizzard as well as parts of Northern Illinois and Chicago. We had a few inches of snow here in the Northern suburbs of Milwaukee but nothing egregious yet, however the worst is yet to come. 3:00PM seems to be the magic time. That's when, according to the local meteorologists, all hell will break loose!! They are calling it a "life-threatening" blizzard.

    My kids went to school today. Perhaps tomorrow might be a different story.
  5. Kaylas mom

    Kaylas mom Approved members

    Apr 14, 2010
    Schools are closed here. Initially they said I needed to go into work (I am a special ed ELL para) and then at 5am called and said the whole school was closed. :) I don't think we are getting as much as they originally said tho.
  6. pianoplayer4

    pianoplayer4 Approved members

    Feb 13, 2010
    were supposed to get 18 inches here, its supposed to snow all day, but we have nothing right now. we already have two feet. the snow seems to always come tuesday night so we can't get to our once a week coop:(
    enjoy your snow!
  7. buggle

    buggle Approved members

    Mar 24, 2008
    We don't have much snow, though before it started snowing yesterday morning, we had freezing drizzle to put a slick surface on everything. People were falling on sidewalks. I started going to work and turned about and came home.

    It's so sunny outside. It looks nice, but I just checked and it's -9F! Got down to -11 last night. School is closed due to cold temps, not snow. One more day of frigid weather and it should go back to normal here.

    I hope everyone is staying safe -- particularly those in the NE that is being battered by snow this year.
  8. hdm42

    hdm42 Approved members

    May 1, 2008
    Snow day here, and I'm expecting another one tomorrow with the snow supposed to continue through the night and turn to sleet/ice tomorrow. We've got so much snow already, there's nowhere to put the new stuff. The ice will make the roads that are already too narrow with snowdrifts, absolutely treachorous.
    Hubby is planning to work from home tomorrow.
    We've got plenty of food in the pantry, and I've got all the ice packs in the freezer to keep stuff cold if we lose power. Our neighbors have a generator, and I know we can go camp out there if it gets really bad.

    Stay safe and warm everyone!
  9. Amy C.

    Amy C. Approved members

    Oct 22, 2005
    I doubt central Texas will get any snow, but the temperature difference is incredible. Yesterday, the high was 72. My son wore shorts to school and rode his bike home. Right now the temperature is in the upper 20s -- pants and a jacket, and no bike riding.

    I am not complaining at all. I feel for the snow bound folks -- which is most of the U.S.
  10. s0ccerfreak

    s0ccerfreak Approved members

    Mar 17, 2007
    I thought I should fill up with gas before heading home last night- the gast station ran out! I was really bummed because that station was 10 cents cheaper then the others. I did get gas and made it home. I'm warm and cozy, but studying as usual :) Hoping and praying I don't have classes tomorrow.
  11. Beach bum

    Beach bum Approved members

    Nov 17, 2005
    Wasn't supposed to start snowing here until midday, we've got about 3 inches already. They canceled school today, didn't even try to do an early dismissal. After having to do a 20min ride that took over an hour, it was a smart move.

    They say this storm is coming in two parts, but from the looks of the radar it is supposed to snow straight through until tommorow night.

    24 inches expected here. Like we have somewhere to put it!
  12. Lee

    Lee Approved members

    Oct 5, 2006
    Same here - but we still are at school. Our worst is supposed to be tomorrow - and I HAVE to come to work - blech.
  13. Sarah Maddie's Mom

    Sarah Maddie's Mom Approved members

    Sep 23, 2007
    An ice storm forecast for here tomorrow. :( Yuck. It won't be pretty, well actually it will be pretty and that will be the only good thing about it. :p
  14. Gracie'sMom

    Gracie'sMom Approved members

    Aug 26, 2009
    We are in a part of eastern-michigan expected to get up to 21 inches in total (up to 16 tonight, up to 5 more tomorrow morning). I feel as ready as I can get . . . I don't think we'll get that much, they tend to over-dramatize, but even if it's 6-8 inches that's a lot, too . . .
  15. colebenmom

    colebenmom Approved members

    Mar 25, 2009
    18" - 24" for here predicted. It just started about two hours ago and while the snow isn't too bad yet, the wind is horrible. I got a mini-lesson on how to use the snowblower last night.
  16. MissMadisonsMom

    MissMadisonsMom Approved members

    Feb 24, 2008
    Can you all send a bit this way??? I have a huge headache right now from driving without my sunglasses - blue sky, sunny 44degrees. It's beautiful outside, but the kids (and I) would love some snow. We are going to drive to the mountains on Monday to go tubing :). I hope you all are safe and warm.
  17. liasmommy2000

    liasmommy2000 Approved members

    Oct 31, 2006
    I'm in mid/south east Michigan. Depending on which radio station/tv station or web site I go by I've heard between 8 and 22 inches. I'm personally thinking the 8 is more likely lol.

    All set here.
  18. Lakeman

    Lakeman Approved members

    Nov 10, 2010
    Got prepped yesterday and today. Checked inventory of diabetes supplies and needed novofine needles. Filled those today and got gas for the snow-blower. The store was out of 2 cycle engine oil so I had to go to a second store to get some. The pantry is always full to the brim but I got some fresh fruit and a few gallons of milk.

    We have a generator in the garage which I hope never to use. The fireplace takes only gas so if we lose electricity we will be ok. The heated kitchen floor takes only electricity so if we lose gas (not that I have ever heard of that happening) we will be ok. The fireplace in the basement takes wood.
  19. Trev

    Trev Approved members

    Jan 30, 2011
    I can relate to the snow thing! Totally

    Hey all! I live in Alberta, and boy do we have snow. Gotta love it!
  20. Bigbluefrog

    Bigbluefrog Approved members

    Oct 1, 2010
    Wind is picking up to 40 mph, It is a white out.
    because we are prone to power outages on a good day, we got the heat cranked up, the fireplaces going, and all the flashlights and kerosine lamps ready.

    We had about 8 inches already from Lake effect. The new phase is just starting.

    So we don't have cable or satellite tv, we have an antenna that must be having issues....lol I am looking for a temporary fix, an indoor hd antenna so I can watch the news:D, while the power is on!

    Are your cell phones working, mine is having difficulties with the storm brewing.

    keep warm!

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