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Anyone dealing with asthma too?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Catiesmom, May 5, 2011.

  1. Catiesmom

    Catiesmom Approved members

    Oct 26, 2009
    Every cold we get just leads to coughing, bronchitis, inhalers, and don't even mention the nebulizer too me. These all lead to higher blood sugars, temp basals, sometimes ketones. And now allergy season is upon us.

    We have:
    a pediatrician
    an endocrinologist
    an asthma and allergy doctor
    a pediatric dentist (we had teeth issues as a toddler)
    an othodontist
    a chiropractor (yep, scoliosis too)

    That's enough and I know it could be worse so i need to sit down and shut up.

    Anyone else dealing with asthma?

    Catie, age 10.5, dx 6/19/09, pumping with an animas ping since 9/28/10
    (no other kids, but I try to work full time and keep Catie in a regular school so she isn't isolated, dh won't let us home school)
  2. rutgers1

    rutgers1 Approved members

    Mar 4, 2011
    Matt was diagnosed with asthma when he was much younger. He used to always breathe in really heavy whenever we'd play around. Then his doctor suggested a procedure whereby he would remove his tonsils and adenoids, while also doing something to his turbinates (I think cutting them down a bit). It almost immediately alleviated the asthma symptoms. It really has been unbelievable.

    During times when Matt isn't involved in much physical activity, I find that he sometimes gets increased shortness of breath, even when doing mildly "active" things. Yet once he gets back into the swing of things with sports, that all goes away. In fact, he is a long distance runner. At only 9 years old, he can run a 5K in the 25 minute range no problem. He will often go from track practice right to lacrosse.

    I don't want to say that the surgery "cured" his asthma, but I will say with 100% certainty that it has done WONDERS for him. He went from a kid who always seemed like he had bad allergies/asthma to someone who can run and run and run and run with no symptoms.
  3. selketine

    selketine Approved members

    Jan 4, 2006
    William had asthma by the time he was 6 months old - he didn't get diabetes for another 20 months after that.

    Albuterol, singular, and qvar are his typical meds (not so much albuterol unless he has a flare-up) and none of those raise his BG. Only the oral steroids kill the blood sugar. He has problems with asthma sometimes when he gets a cold (but not with every cold) and also this time of year with the pollens.

    His worst bout with asthma was - oddly enough - this past Christmas right after we got our tree that we cut ourselves. We ended up getting rid of it (!) after a week because his asthma wasn't getting better and the dr. thought it could be the tree. We got an artificial one.

    We went for awhile with no problems - but in the past year it seems to have come back. I am like the last person who likes to call 911 but I've actually done it 3 times total for him - once the first time he had an anaphylactic reaction to eating peanuts and the other two for asthma.

    I'm wondering if anyone keeps a pulse ox meter at home - thinking of getting one. Do you use a peak flow?
  4. sbsmith1804

    sbsmith1804 Approved members

    Mar 29, 2009
    Our Ds has had asthma for about six years or more. I used to think dealing with that was enough, but when he was dxd. with type 1 I knew I was in for a long hall! The high bg and ketones are enough to make me scream!!! My ds always says " He thinks having diabetes is easier than having asthma". You're not alone on this one!
  5. Christopher

    Christopher Approved members

    Nov 20, 2007
    Danielle has had allergies and asthma for many years before her diabetes dx.
  6. irishmom

    irishmom Approved members

    Sep 18, 2010
    Patrick has asthma and allergies and IGA defciency....we are on our 2nd round of prednisone in the past three months....it has been horrible..what an adjustment to insulin and a whole lot less sleep.....he also has bs that rise with albuterol.....he was also doubled teamed in arena football this weekend and had a ct scan..and has a chest wall contusion and an abdominal wall sprain...which also has caused some issues with all the coughing...

    hope it gets better for you....
  7. deafmack

    deafmack Approved members

    Sep 22, 2006
    I am another person with diabetes and asthma. I hate it when I can't breathe. I hate it even more when someone in my family asks me a question when I am wheezing and wants an answer and can't seem to get it that I am busy wheezing and can't answer.
  8. KatieJane'smom

    KatieJane'smom Approved members

    Jun 15, 2008
    My dd has asthma, too. To quote our pulmunologist when I was trying to keep her off steroids for bronchitis, "Here's your choices. She can have high bg's or she can breathe. Breathing wins out everytime."
  9. Andy'sMom

    Andy'sMom Approved members

    Jan 16, 2008
    My DS doesn't have asthma, but my non-D 2 year old does and I just want to say that I feel for everyone dealing with both conditions in the same body!! I'm exhausted and I don't have the complication of how one affects the other. Hang in there!
  10. Tuff

    Tuff Approved members

    May 17, 2010

    My son is 11 and has had asthma since he was 5 or 6. It is quite mild but occassionally he needs to go back on Qvar for awhile.

    He sees:
    endo - diabetes
    nephrologist - kidneys
    neurologist - epilepsy
    and hopefully not anyone for scoliosis - even though I wore a back brace for 4 years as a young girl - I hope he doesn't get that too!
  11. Ginagbaby1

    Ginagbaby1 Approved members

    Mar 6, 2010
    We are on Albuterol here too! When David was 4yrs old he caught pneumonia and ever since then when he gets a winter cold he usually starts wheezing. Last week he came down with bronchitis and is on an antibiotic for that as well as the albuterol. The albuterol makes his numbers go up too.
  12. Catiesmom

    Catiesmom Approved members

    Oct 26, 2009
    Thank you guys. It helps so much to know we're not alone. I just hate to sacrifice bs numbers for breathing but it's a necessary evil.

    Hang in there and keep using your inhalers if you need them.

    Trying to stay off orapred here...

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