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Am I Wrong? WWYD?

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by Lindy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Lindy

    Lindy Approved members

    Apr 1, 2007
    We have a strong 504 in place - it notes that we need 3 trained people to care for Cooper.... school has only 1. This has come up several times this year - has not been resolved.

    Here's today's example...

    Summer school meeting - it starts in 2 weeks, there are 3 days left of school. The school would not pay the 1 trained person enough money to make it worth her while to work summer school, so she said no. So they found another person, with no medical background but has worked with some D students a few years ago.

    They have asked that she accompany Cooper and I on a field trip to the zoo so that she can be trained, by me - field trip is tomorrow.. Friday is half day - and is a field event day. Kids are outside doing track and field events - fun. Thursday would be the only normal kind of routine day. And, next week she can contact the CDE at the local hospital for some further training...

    The county RN (who is supposed to be in charge) - said that she can call the local hospital CDE if there are problems or someone at the county. Granted the CDE will probably be of help, however has never treated Cooper or worked an Omnipod pump. The County RN's have never worked a CGM or Omnipod pump - so basically they are worthless. Why even waste a call to them?? And, by having to train this new person the last 3 days of regular school is not fair to Cooper. At the zoo - do I really want to be training this person on alarms, how to respond, what to do, explaining the CGM, how to work the pump etc?? NO, I want to enjoy the field trip with MY CHILD! :mad: An on the Field Day - it's not fair that he would have to miss time with his friends, to help train this person on his equipment...

    The school has had plenty of time - ALL YEAR - to have more trained personnel, and have never done it! I've canceled summer school classes for my kids at this point, and am contacting the State for further direction.. we'll see about OCR..
    This mad dash at the end of the year, is not fair to my child!
  2. bgallini

    bgallini Approved members

    Feb 23, 2008
    Could you train her at the beginning of Summer school?

    Why can't she be trained on Thurs, the "normal" school day?

    But no, I don't think it's unreasonable for you not to want to train her on a field trip to the zoo or on field day.
  3. Rachel

    Rachel Approved members

    Oct 16, 2006
    Argggg ... crazymaking. You should not have to do it this week. Plus, how effective will the training be during all the lively fun of those days?

    What about in the one- two weeks between regular and summer school? They could pay her to come in then.
  4. Lindy

    Lindy Approved members

    Apr 1, 2007
    I think they were trying to get as much training on the actual equipment as possible. There is only 1 week between reg. school and summer school. And, next week they wouldn't have access to his particular equipment. It would be training "in theory"....

    Basically - they could just pay me to do the job, as I would be the one making all the decision anyway. All that person would be doing is calling me asking me what to do. grrrr... it's just the timing!

    Having only 1 person trained at the school doesn't work!!!!!
  5. doratheexplora

    doratheexplora Approved members

    Jun 3, 2009
    I'm sorry. My son just got dx. I am trying to prepare myself. What is a 504?
  6. RosemaryCinNJ

    RosemaryCinNJ Approved members

    Mar 9, 2008
    I dont blame you for being upset...And no I dont think its wrong for you NOT to want to train her at the field day event..I have no advice, no 504 and not in school yet but I wanted to wish you luck and HOPEFULLY the school will accomodate your sons needs as they should...You are right its not fair to your child at all!!!
  7. Kalebsmom

    Kalebsmom Approved members

    Aug 29, 2008
    I think the school should have thought about all of this sooner.

    A 504 is a paper that lays out everything that you expect them to do for your child as well as what the school expects from you as a parent.

    That is just the quick explanation. If you search for 504 on here there are many examples. I think every child needs one.
  8. Heather(CA)

    Heather(CA) Approved members

    Jun 18, 2007
    OK, I'm going to play devils advocate for a minute here...I would NOT take any time away form the field trip to stop and do any training...However, maybe she could just hang out with you for the day, you could get to know the person that's going to be taking care of your baby. She can watch you give insulin at lunch, see how you would handle it if Cooper goes low or high, when you might give a snack or lower basals if he's running low. And, you and Cooper can get to know her. It doesn't sound so bad, but I totally agree that neither you nor Cooper should have to miss out on ANY of the fun, just relax and hang out, she may even be fun:cwds:
  9. selketine

    selketine Approved members

    Jan 4, 2006
    I always thought that was my job.;)

    I guess the zoo trip is already ongoing - did she go? I agree with Heather that it couldn't hurt for her to tag along and watch but I wouldn't do any actual training - how could you on a field trip? Or field day for that matter.

    Is she a regular school employee - like one of the 3 they could have trained during the year? Are any of the people working summer school someone they could have trained during the year? What was the school's excuse for not training anyone?

    Are the 3 people to be trained just trained on basics - like how to recognize highs/lows, test blood sugar, give glucagon or fast acting sugar? Are they also to be trained on how to work the pump and the cgms? I ask because in our state it seems only a nurse can actually work his pump (and the cgms they have no idea cause they haven't dealt with it before anywhere that I can tell). We do have more than 3 people trained but it is for emergency stuff. If there was an extreme emergency (lock down) they have details on how to work his pump but they are not supposed to.

    Is summer school all day? Will he need to have insulin while he is there (lunch and/or snacks)? Could she be trained the first day of school by you?

    I find that schools are just not set up to be prepared for incoming students with a lot of medical needs if the personnel are new and have never seen this equipment (pump, cgms) before. Our nurse supervisor insists on training from the pump company (not me) so that is even harder to arrange.

    It is a good question - do they have to be prepared the first day or by the end of the first week or what exactly? I imagine OCR wouldn't intervene until the school has started and there is some opportunity for training. As for not having the 3 people trained - it seems you would be able to file a complaint about that - it would help to have some correspondence between you and the school to show you tried to get this resolved.

    Sorry for the long winded answer - I was interrupted in the middle of writing it so if it doesn't make sense/repeats you'll know why! I hope you get it worked out if you want him to go to summer school. We are away so much this summer that it doesn't work with our schedule but the school thinks they don't have to provide a nurse for summer school because they cannot afford it. We didn't even get the invite this year.:(
  10. jules12

    jules12 Approved members

    May 26, 2007
    I agree with the above - might be good to get to know the person and she might get to actually see him low or high which might not be for a while during a "normal" day. Training is not really going to happen on a day like this.

    On the three person rule, do you mean you want just three trained people at school at all times or three people who can interchange to manage his care if one is gone? This past year, we had the school nurse and then two clerks. The nurse travels between two schools and one clerk does most of his care. The other clerk fills in when the main one is gone. I think you might have a hard time getting three at school all the time but I totally agree a minimum of three is ideal. We also insist that the nurse go over situations with all the special teachers, cafeteria workers, bus driver, etc.i

    Let us know how it turns out. It is crazy that they waited until now to think about this issue. We are starting a new school with new staff next year and I really hope we don't have to refight these battles. You are not out of line at all!
  11. Lindy

    Lindy Approved members

    Apr 1, 2007
    ha - it's such a LONG story with so many other details to it...

    No - the trainee did not come to the field trip today, and as it turned out - I received a call from the school nurse as our bus arrived at the "zoo". Turns out a grandma was chaperoning another child with T1 and forgot test strips, he was low and grandma didn't know what to do, teacher was on the phone with the school, school calling me to help... CRAZY! So I had 2 kids with T1 at the zoo today, one on a pump I have never used before! Grandma was so lost, she didn't think crackers had carbs in them and he could eat them for free... He tested a beautiful 99 before lunch and grandma thought she wouldn't need to give him insulin for lunch - Cheetos, sandwich, Choc bar. etc.. And, the mom had given a list of carbs in the lunch box and noted the apple as 70g. :eek: I think it was supposed to be 7g.. Not knowing the child, I wasn't sure either what he was supposed to get, how much he would eat.. So grandma said let's give him 40g - 0-40g - I said let's call the school nurse and see what she thinks... we went with 25g. Grandma didn't know how to input the info into the MM pump - we figured it out though.. Prior to that I asked her if she knew how to bolus on his pump - she told me to talk English. ;) Interesting Day...

    Cooper's 504 requires that there be 3 trained people available to care for Cooper - they do not need to be at school at the same time, just 3 people trained on his pump and CGM - know how to clear alarms, bolus, calibrate if necessary, BG's, Ketone testing, carb counting. etc.... The school has only 1 person trained. Which has proven to be a problem several times this year - one time which required Cooper having to leave school because the nurse was sick and no one else knew how to care for him!

    The school is TRYING to say - that they have someone available to CALL ME and that should suffice for the other 2 people needed... NO NO NO - they need to be TRAINED... Simply, having a person available to call me to manage his care via phone is NOT OK! They have had ALL YEAR to get this together... YES, the person that was supposed to come on the field trip works in the District, and has been available for training ALL YEAR... As is another health assistant in the same building as MY CHILD... politics... dirty...

    I did contact the WI Dept. of Public Instruction late last night, and received a reply from DPI's School Nurse Liaison after the field trip today. If I have concerns with how the District is meeting or not meeting my child's 504 - I can contact OCR and she gave me the phone number.. Well now - that's quite a statement! :mad:

    Each time our 1 trained nurse is ill, or there is an after school program or summer school session - I (and Cooper) should not have to go thru training again, and again.. I should not have to be managing his diabetes via phone. Because if that is the case, what's the point of the 504 that the ADA helped me develop in the first place?!

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