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ADHD sleep help needed...

Discussion in 'Parents Off Topic' started by twicker1, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Kaylee's Mom

    Kaylee's Mom Approved members

    Dec 4, 2007
    Dillon tried 5 different kinds of ADHD meds when he was little .. and then when he was tested again they could not determine if he even had it! Anyway, we used melatonin since the dr. was going to give us a sleeping pill but i did not want another med. He used rapid release but you can also get a slow release kind ... maybe that would make a difference? We also played with the time of day he had the med. It is not a fun battle ... hope you can work it out. A tired kid is not fun! Plus you are right will exaggerate the ADHD symptoms. Sorry! :(

  2. twicker1

    twicker1 Approved members

    Apr 10, 2006
    Thanks everyone! Well, unless they find some out of this world reason for how he acts, there is no doubt he has ADHD. It's not one of those "he's a little hyper" cases. I honestly think he would a danger to himself (lack of thought) if he wasn't on meds.

    I thought I'd found the holy grail when I found the XR Melatonin! Tried it, and went throught half the bottle before I just went back to the regular stuff.

    The Zyrtec thing really has me thinking though. I think I am going to go give it to him right now. Who knows, THAT could be why he is so tired in the morning! Good idea! Thanks!
  3. timsma

    timsma Approved members

    Sep 1, 2007
    How long did you give it a go on the Strattera? I ask this, cuz it was Tim's ped doc that rx'd it and told us to try it for a month and see how it went. It didn't work. He also had a LOT of problems falling asleep on the stimulants. He hated it! We tried the Strattera for a few months a couple summers ago then, at the recommendation of his neurologist and it works well for him. It was the neurologist that said it takes about 3 months to build up in the system so to give it that long to see if it will work or not. Luckily for my son (and us, lol) it did. I wish there was a simple solution to ADD/ADHD, but, every child reacts so differently to the meds. It's so trial and error. I wish you good luck with this. I know how hard it is. I'm SO thankful that Tim just has ADD and not the H component in there. My nephew has the H part too, and has severe anger issues. He tried many meds and never found a good one for him. He gave up on all of them in high school. Perhaps a psychologist could be of some help to him in learning how to deal with the anger issues though? Just a thought. Good luck,,,,,,,,I know how tough this all is. (((((HUGS)))))
  4. typeoneX2

    typeoneX2 Approved members

    May 14, 2008
    Liquid Melatonin does the trick for us. The tablets did not work, but 6 or 9 mg of the liquid and he is off to sleep in no time. It has been a lifesaver.
  5. momandwifeoftype1s

    momandwifeoftype1s Approved members

    Mar 4, 2008
    Connor also has a hard time falling asleep, especially since we recently increased his dosage of Focalin XR. So far, he's been okay getting up in the morning (just a little groggy). I have found that if we let him use a dim light to read as his only activity choice at night after we're all going to bed, it helps him get sleepier. We lock the computer with a password, DS is put away, and TVs are not allowed. He seems to fall asleep pretty quickly if his only option is to read. It is teaching him to enjoy books (he especially loves Garfield comics). We have not tried a sleep aid yet. The Focalin XR wears off around dinner time, so maybe that is something you could try? I'm sorry I don't have any better suggestions. We're still learning...
  6. kas77

    kas77 Approved members

    Apr 27, 2010
    Just wanted to mention that melatonin does lose it's effectiveness with regular use. The body adapts to it quickly. Some ideas I have had reading this post are; making sure he has the proper diagnosis (some autism spectrum disorders are frequently misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD and medication used to treat one can aggravate another), trying different medications to see if he reacts better to another one, increasing the melatonin (with doctors input) or taking a break from it and trying it again another time (kind of like echinacea it can't be used continuously), making sure you follow the rules of good sleep environment (white noise, no stimulating activities in the bedroom such as t.v./video games, routine, soothing rituals etc.), and I can also suggest a homeopathic remedy that you can buy at the pharmacy that helps soothe the mind and body slowing it down called Relax and Sleep from Jamieson vitamins. There are others, but we have had success with this one from time to time.

    My daughter has had sleep issues her entire life as well and was diagnosed with Aspergers a few years ago. She usually functions well enough without the sleep, but when she seems to be struggling or gets moody from it we use the melatonin/herbs to help her sleep patterns re-adjust. She will never sleep as normal people do, but we try to ensure she gets enough sleep for HER needs.

    Another thought, I find Vitamin D and Omega supplements help her behaviour and focus as well and have read that some studies have found Omega to be more effective in the treatment of ADHD than Ritalin.

    Hope something here helps you.
  7. ecs1516

    ecs1516 Approved members

    Dec 11, 2007

    I don't have ADHD experience, but I just got off Zrytec because it made me so tired in the morning and kind of that way all day. It works great on allergies but I couldn't take the tiredness. I would take one at night. I took it for a many months though. Not sure if that made it worse. I am now taking Claritin and not feeling tired in the morning anymore. Our allergist said it is not as strong on the allergies though. I guess I will take my chances.:rolleyes:

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