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ADA walk

Discussion in 'Teens' started by BobbyJackElmo, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. BobbyJackElmo

    BobbyJackElmo Approved members

    Jan 21, 2008
    Soo I've raised 200 some dollars. =\ Not to good with the goal of $150 for every walker. But good enough for the first walk. Me my sister and her two friends walked around 2 neighborhoods and got $30. And bakesales have got us a lot of money. I've sold a few ADA bracelets. I need helppp. Hah. Any ides on how to raise money? I have a paper with ides from a-z but not much I can do out of it.
  2. misscaitp

    misscaitp Approved members

    Jul 26, 2007
    Congrats on raising $200.

    Ask to put out a jar in a store you like. If you wanted to do something at school, the ADA has the independent walk for schools. Ask supermarkets for sponsers by doing a presentation in the life of a diabetic. Send emails and letters to all your family and friends.

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