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A Question About How Accurate/Precise/Reliable the CGM Has to Be for a Reliable Bionic Pancreas

Discussion in 'Continuous Glucose Sensing' started by sszyszkiewicz, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. sszyszkiewicz

    sszyszkiewicz Approved members

    Dec 24, 2013
    I have a question that is directed to anyone who knows a little more detail about the bionic pancreas, and how it will deal with common situations we have with CGM's today.

    1) My DS's CGM often reads low at night because he lays on it a certain way, or so it seems. There have been plenty of false alarms (which I do not mind), but I recalibrate, and sort of jostle him and he moves around and the Dex gets back in line
    2) The first xx hours of a new sensor can be less than accurate. Last night my kiddo inserted a new sensor and at one point his Dex number dropped to 60, but a fingetstick showed 115. an hour later, after calibration, the Dex said 220, and a fingerstick showed about 115. Recalibrate. This morning he woke up and the dex said 120 and he was about 120 on the glucometer.

    Are the Bionic Pancreas guys building uncertainties such as these into the dosing algorithm? I mean in one night it was off by 100% in both directions.

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