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100 things about you...

Discussion in 'Teens OT' started by Rukio, May 23, 2010.

  1. Rukio

    Rukio Banned

    Jan 10, 2010
    ...more or less if you feel like it post random or funny or serious or whatever you think is important about you (or unimportant) =P ^^
    1. I have all five hair color types on my head (red, brown, black, yellow and gray)
    2. I am learning to knit
    3. I can crochet
    4. I have only finished two crochet projects
    5. I have HTML books back when IE 4 was new
    6. I have two dogs
    7. My eyes can change color
    8. My eyes are normally a blackish brown color
    9. I am pale (until summer time XD)
    10. I never burn, only tan
    11. I love animals
    12. I am very forgetful
    13. I can't sing
    14. I love several bands
    15. The Letter Black is my favorite band
    16. My corgi wakes me up by dumping water from her bowl on me
    17. I have never had anything below a B
    18. I have a loud voice
    19. I am half deaf in my right ear
    20. Little kids scare me
    21. I am very forgetful
    22. I can confuse you
    23. I am into LOLcat
    24. I put to many of these with I as the first word
    25. I prefer gray to pink
    26. Pink is Rosa in Norwegian
    27. I'd rather die then paint my room pink
    28. I would defend my friends forever if they are in the right
    29. I am cautious
    30. People think I can't run and aren't very strong
    31. I can scold people like a parakeet
    32. I can mimic dogs
    33. I am very forgetful
    34. I adore The Golden Girls
    35. I am not very interesting
    36. I have four pets
    37. I rescued two baby birds with my cousin after their mom kicked them out of the nest
    38. I am done. =D
  2. Sabrina:)

    Sabrina:) New Member

    Jul 8, 2010

    1. I have a boxer named Sadie.
    2. I have two cats Kricket and Callie.
    3. I had a rat when i was 11.
    4. my celiac test came back positive.
    5. i love camping.
    6. i love animals.
    7. I am in 4H.
    8. I have no clue what i want to do with my future.
    9. I love really little kids until they get bratty.lol
    10. i dont play any sports.
    11. i work at shopko.
    12. i have one sister.
    13. i love crime scene shows.
    14. i am 17.
    15.my sister broke her left wrist at the begining of summer and her right yesterday!

    16. i have never broke a bone in my life.
    17. when i was dx was my 1st time in a hospital that i remember.
    18.i have used a pump for about a year and love it!
    19. i am not shy about my diabetes.
    20. i love my sleep.
    21. i love my family.
    22. i dunno what else.:D

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