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Thread: A guide to parents written by a teenage diabetic

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    Exclamation A guide to parents written by a teenage diabetic

    When I became diagnosed with diabetes a year ago, it nearly killed me. My parents became obbsessed with diabetes, and have always helped me. Here are a few tips on how to help your child with diabetes...

    1. Never, never, NEVER groan when your child has a high number. Yes, we know it's high. It's usually not our fault. When it is our fault, though, do remind us gently not to eat that last cake slice.

    2. Don't go crazy when we have low numbers. Ok? Yes, we sometimes have 40s and lower. Just hand us a juice. Don't go crazy.

    3. Don't pressurize us 24/7 to do excersise when we are high. Being high and excersising is the last thing we want to do. Instead, suggest walking in place for about 15 minutes to half an hour. It works great with me! If it doesn't work, don't just boot your child out the door. Do everything with him/her, so (s)he does not feel lonely.

    4. Don't complain about us having diabetes. It's not our fault.

    5. Be patient when the littler kids cry about shots. It's scary.

    6. A pump is probably the scariest thing about diabetes in the world. At 13 years of age, I still get the chills, even though I've had the pump since early August. Be extremely patient with the pump.

    7. Participate in the walks. They will make you feel good, and you get great stuff, too! Like free testers and test strips!

    8. Make your kid prepared, but not excessively. Only pack us up with a tester, a juice, and a quick 15 carb snack. That's it.

    9. Don't cry in front of us. That just makes us more depressed knowing that we caused this for you.

    10. Finally, support us in everything we do. If we want to go jetpacking off the Niagra Falls, don't stop us by saying, "You can't do that. How will you do your shots?" Instead, take about 20 minutes discussing how you are going to manage your diabetes and still have fun. It will pay off in the end, trust me.

    I hope you took the time to read this guide. If you follow the rules, it should make life easier. Also, buy the Calorie King. It's like the Diabetic Bible!

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    THat was very well written.
    Thank you for taking the time to remind us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErictheFerret View Post
    That just makes us more depressed knowing that we caused this for you.
    You didn't cause it. I recently read something very good about this:

    Quote Originally Posted by ErictheFerret View Post
    4. Don't complain about us having diabetes. It's not our fault.
    I am with ya, if you can figure out how to jet ski off Niagra Falls, do your BG and shots AND land it I say go for it. (It's the landing I worry about more than the shots to be honest about it)

    Thanks for the post It was funny and good, in that order. Just the way I like them.
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    Eric, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It has really opened my eyes hearing this from you. I am guilty of the groan with highs, and panicking with lows! I hope I will chill a little with time. I vent a lot on this board, it is my only outlet, but I do not complain in front of my little one. I am constantly praising her for each little accomplishment! Thanks again and I wish the best to you!
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    I'm glad you all took time to read this!

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    Eric, thanks for the perspective! Sometimes we get so caught up in the details we lose sight of the big picture.
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    its nice to hear from the young ones themselves on your feelings about it. this is helpfull. i am usually strong majority of the time. only when my daughter looses it emotionally and cries and says she wishes she did not have diabetes. and she is tired of it. what do you suggest to do. i usually cry with her and tell her it is ok to hate it, its ok to have the feeling s she is having. and i am there for her. is that good.? and i can get alittle angry when her number is high and i find out she has eaten something she not have. but i always explain to her that i dont mind her eating what she ate, she just needs to tell me and then we can give the dose she needs.
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    Coping with diabetes sucks. Really. I was kind of past that crying phase, so I really don't know what it is like. Continue saying that you will be there for her and following your deeds should be fine.

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    Thanks for that Eric. It's nice to see it from a teens perspective.
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    Thank you, Eric. As the mother of a 16 year old diabetic, it is difficult to find the balance of wanting to know what is going on every minute and stepping back and letting Sam take over his care. This was helpful to hear your thoughts and feelings. Well said!

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