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Thread: What to stockpile for an emergency?

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    Default What to stockpile for an emergency?

    So all the hurricane talk has me thinking.... What do you have for your d-emergency kit? What's in it? I am thinking I should make one for the basement. Your thoughts?

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    Everything but the insulin which you toss in on the way out the door or down the stairs. I keep ours ( a large travel type cosmetics bag) in the front hall closet.
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    I don't exactly have a emergency kit already made, its more of me just grabbing things.

    I know that when the DC/MD/VA area lost power for a week (no given expected time for power restoration) we just packed the essentials. Particularly with the D supplies, I brought 4 boxes of 100 test strips, 5 pods, my out of warranty minimed and supplies, a back up meter, ketone strips, batteries and all my insulin. Also in the emergency kit some juice, the glucagon (we keep 3 in the house; one for my moms room, one for my room, and one for a emergency kit), and glucotabs. Also some syringes.

    It really does help to have a deep freezer because our fridges lasted 24 hours with no power and we found that the insulin had to be thrown into the deep freezer so it didn't spoil. After 24 hours, we ended up leaving the house because it was 100 degrees outside and it felt hotter inside.

    Just always pack 3x what you think you'll need.
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    To be honest? Nothing. It's hard for me to conceive of an emergency where I wouldn't have 20 seconds to grab some crap out of the hall closet and get where I needed to go. Plus, I know I wouldn't be vigilant about making sure the supplies in the emergency kit were "in date."
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    We have all our D supplies in 2 large Rubbermaid totes. When we've had tornado warnings, we've grabbed them and the insulin out of the fridge. The last warning we had we forgot to pick up the PDM that was on the counter, however. Oops!
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    We don't have designated emergency supplies. I too think I would not rotate the emergency supplies, so rely on the fact that we have basics in a fishing tackle type craft box and plastic bins in the hall closet.
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    I have two drawers in a dresser filled with supplies. One night I dreamed that the house was on fire, and the first thing I did was dump the diabetes supplies out the window. Even in our sleep, we're on duty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by caspi View Post
    We have all our D supplies in 2 large Rubbermaid totes. When we've had tornado warnings, we've grabbed them and the insulin out of the fridge. The last warning we had we forgot to pick up the PDM that was on the counter, however. Oops!
    This is me, I keep everything mostly organized in a large rubbermaid box with a top, at least the excess stuff is in there, and it is kept in storage. He has a daily 3 drawer bin in the school room that has all the stuff to replenish on a weekly basis, syringes, extra sites, strips, IV prep, etc, but just a handful of all, replenished weekly.

    I figure in an emergency I would grab just the large box and insulin out of the fridge. If I had time I'd grab the daily bin too,, but losing that wouldn't be as big a deal as it has very little in it.

    Honestly though, other than fire, I have always figured that MY house would be the place everyone else would evacuate to! Seriously, we are remote, up high, have several freezers of food, we're the place all my family would show up at in emergencies, in fact we've sheltered some hurricane folks from Houston area more than once.

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    I keep a month worth of pump supplies, extra ketone meter, 150 strips for BG 10 for ketones(she has some in case too so we would have a few more), glucagon, epi pen, antibiotic prescription cream, needles, gloves, lancets, coolin bands to wear, batteries at least 5. Our emergency kit is the daily kit too so supplies are replenished monthly, unless I get a hurricane warning I would the replenish accordingly. I would also grab all insulin at the last minute. The longest we have been without power is 12 days. For a tornado while I would grab what I could the areas they devastate is usually limited so I hope red cross, Endo, or another agencies would help if I could not grab enough supplies from the fridge. Fire I would turn to Endo for help through insurance. I do not live in flood area so I really do not give that much thought. Sink hole I would move all extra supplies to a family members house. Did I miss any?
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    I have a 'Kit" that is used for camping/vacation/ going over to spend the night at grammy's, it has a little of everything including fever and nausia meds. This is replenished very often. All but the insulin.

    At grammy's and the school we have extra insulin in the fridge. If I could not get into my house I would use those supplies.

    I need to make a supply kit that has a months worth of everything, just in case and put it in the gun safe.
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