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Thread: Cozmo Pumpers..

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    Thumbs up Cozmo Pumpers..

    just wondering if there are any still using the Cozmo...
    Jesse won't give his up...
    2 years out of warranty....

    mom to Allison-27-
    Daniel 25
    Jesse- 21 - dx'd 12/01, pumping since 4/03
    Pumping with a TSLIM and loving it !
    Dexcoming with a G4 and LOVING it !!

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    I wish.

    Our last had a cracked screen. It was still functioning when it was retired but it could have gone any day. Still miss it - Maddie too.
    Mom to DD now 16, dx @4
    Cozmo pumper @6
    Minimed pumper @13
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    nope, we switched to MM 2 years ago. Not going to say we're thrilled but it's fine, though I miss so much about the cozmo. I don't miss that my son broke his cozmos every time we turned around. But I still miss the features.

    Have you been watching Tandem Diabetes? It's got a lot of the cozmo features....
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    We just made the switch to MM. Nathan's Cozmo was over a year out of warranty.

    My new mantra is, "It keeps him alive--love it for that...."

    I really miss the Cozmo and MM seems so BASIC in comparison.
    Mom to Nathan
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    Diagnosed 2-7-06
    Pumping with Cozmo

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    I traded our old cozmo (I think to you!) and then shortly after I had another one in hand! We just used the cozmo with attached meter for an outing where he wanted it attached. I will always say that it truly was a pump ahead of it's time!
    Shannon, mom to:

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    Jamie, 3 years old.

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    We are using a loan Cozmo (from the rep) which has 2 years left on the warranty BUT the down button has been sticking a bit. We have the money to buy Veo but are holding out - don't know if we can keep going much longer...
    Jane Mum of Rachel, 13, dx'd @11 months and Anna, 18, dx'd @ 17 .

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    Out of curiosity, what features does the Cozmo pump have that Animas and MM don't? I know they're not available anymore I'm just curious.
    Wife to Allen
    Mother to Vincent, 13 yrs old - dx 2/10/10, Pumping 5/10/11
    TSlim Jan 2014
    Dexcom 11/1/11
    Mother to Vivian, 9 yrs old

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    Cozmo -

    It has a weekly schedule where the basal rates you set for different days change automatically - we have weekend and school basals set up which change midnight Fri and Mid Sun.

    It has a disconnect bolus when you can tell it when you are going to disconnect and give the missed basal as percentages before and after.

    It has Cozfoods - a database of all the foods and their carbs (and other nutritional data) in the pump so if you don't know the info you can look it up.

    It has a fast food memory so you can list 12 well used foods with their carbs and different carb factors (if need be) and different bolus' if you usually use them (we have noodles listed and it automatically does a 52 carb combination bolus 60/40 when Rachel bolus' for noodles).

    A meal maker where it will add up the foods you choose through Cozfoods for you .

    EVERYTHING is customizable - you can name basals, bolus', alerts, reminders etc.

    It has continuing alarms - you can't clear a low cartridge alarm (or any other) once and then it not notify you again. It keeps telling you if something is wrong.

    It has Hypo manager feature. If Rachel is low she can enter the low bg into the pump and it will calculate how many carbs she needs to eat to off set the IOB. (That took a lot of work to get the settings right but we have it set pretty well now).

    It tells you if you don't complete a bolus (and asks if you want to continue)... it doesn't just fade away if the bolus isn't completely entered.

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    Jane Mum of Rachel, 13, dx'd @11 months and Anna, 18, dx'd @ 17 .

    Keep Calm and Treat the Number

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    Wow, now I'm sorry I asked! Come on Animas and MM get your act together and get us these features!
    Wife to Allen
    Mother to Vincent, 13 yrs old - dx 2/10/10, Pumping 5/10/11
    TSlim Jan 2014
    Dexcom 11/1/11
    Mother to Vivian, 9 yrs old

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    I really think that Cozmo's downfall was the crazy design. It just looked tacky to me, like a kids' toy cell phone. And much as design isn't the most important feature for me, faced with four main pump companies (MM, Animas, Roche and Cozmo) I basically disregarded Roche and Cozmo because their pumps looked silly... I had no idea about the awesome features, because it always seemed to be a lesser used pump. Had I known about them, I probably would have overlooked what it looked like (that is, if it was available in the UK at all, not sure if it was), it's just that looks are always the first thing you see when you go on a pump website!
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