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Thread: Pain During Pump Bolus?

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    Default Pain During Pump Bolus?

    At dinnertime when Riley did his meal bolus he said it really hurt when the insulin went in? Does this happen to others - is this normal? His site was just changed last night and his BS indicated that the insulin made it into his system, but what would have caused it to hurt?

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    If the site is fresh, Sophie complains about it hurting. If the does is large, over 7 units, she complains about it hurting. Did you check his site and make sure it was okay? Not red or anything?
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    This happens to me sometimes when I put a site in a new place. Also, after new sites (the first bolus, usually) and when I give a massive dose of insulin for some reason or another (probably pizza; I love pizza).

    Occasionally, this happens and it is a kinked cannula. I'm not really sure how to tell the difference; sorry.

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    DS tells me that sometimes it stings. Usually always when a bolus is over 6 units, but sometimes as little as 3. Whenever he needs a bolus over 6 I split it into 2 doses.
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    Thats interesting, because my son says he feels the insulin going in, and sometimes feels "it" in his legs. His doses are pretty small now so I wonder if it will hurt for larger doses, and whether some kids/people are more sensitive to that. He used to always say lantus stung and when I once pierced my finger while using a lantus syringe I could understand, my entire finger felt numb for a half an hour!

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    I'm not sure which pump he is on, but I believe the Ping dispenses the insulin faster than the Revel, which can cause burning. There is a way to slow it down, but since DS uses the Revel, I can't tell you how to do it!

    Good luck!

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    If it's a new set or a new bottle my daughter has complained. You can also try slowing down delivery. Go to the home screen and click on set up. It is under that menu.
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    We have our Ping set to slow delivery but larger boluses still sting. For anything over 4 or 5 units, we set up a 0/100% combo for 0.1 hr (the shortest setting).
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    This is rare, but is does happen...almost always right after I change his site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdninct View Post
    I'm not sure which pump he is on, but I believe the Ping dispenses the insulin faster than the Revel, which can cause burning. There is a way to slow it down, but since DS uses the Revel, I can't tell you how to do it!
    It's in one of the Ping's setup menus -- maybe 'advanced.' There's a delivery speed choice of NORMAL or SLOW. We chose slow and our son seems to notice the boluses only very occasionally, usually when it's a larger bolus.
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