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Thread: Going to be a Mommy again!

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    Default Going to be a Mommy again!

    I was so done with the parenting thing! Done with the diapering thing! Hate getting up in the middle of the night to check as it is! Really hate getting up early to take the kids to school so early. I wasn't going to have any part of adding to my parenting load. Yo has had too many freaky lows at school, and he's unable to tollerate his Dexi anymore. So, believe it or not, I'm actually excited about our newest arrival. She is coming to join our family on Friday. She has a sweet black face with white spots on her chin and paws. I'll be training her as a DAD for Yo to take to school, I hope, by the middle of next year. The kids don't know, so they will find her here when they get home from school. Should be a fun afternoon.

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    LOL....she sounds wonderful. Congratulations!

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    Fun! Fun! Fun!
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    You can't tease us like this and not post a picture! That's just mean!

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    Pictures please! What type of puppy??? I am almost as excited as you!
    I'm still here.
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    wish I could post a pic. My computer is barely functioning as it is! She is a goldendoodle. Due to our allergies, she, fortunately has more of the oodle than the golden! The litter was half blonde, like the dame, and half black, like the sire. Pretty funny to see genetics at work there!


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