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Thread: starting dexcom tomorrow, have some questions

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    Default starting dexcom tomorrow, have some questions

    ok, I only have a few questions before I start tomorrow...

    #1 do I have to wait until the reciver is completly charged to insert and start the sensor, or can I do it while its charging and just stay near it until its done charging

    #2 is it bad to calibrate more than twice a day? or is it good to calibrate more???

    I forgot my third question....
    - Jess, age 18- dx with t1d 2/3/10
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    I don't know about #1 - I just can't remember the instructions on the first charge.

    For #2 it seems to work best for us to calibrate around 2-3 times a day. I'll do the 3rd calibration if it seems like it is off more than I'd expect. Generally two has been enough to keep it close.

    After using the Navigator for so long - I am just mentally tuned to trying to calibrate at the most stable times - and more when the number is in a fairly decent range. I still tend to do that and I don't know if it matters or not with the Dex.

    Good luck!
    Carol G.
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    It might say to wait, but you really don't have to. Particularly not if you plan to stay near the outlet. You need to wait until it has a minimal amount of charge- enough to let you scroll through the menu- and that's it. You'll really want to make sure it has the correct transmitter number before you put the transmitter in the sensor on your body, because it's no fun to have to take the transmitter out of the sensor while you're wearing it.

    With Dexcom it seems to me that it's generally a good thing to calibrate more, as long as you're not calibrating during extreme times (I don't recommend calibrating while hypo or immediately afterwards).
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    Ok thanks!
    - Jess, age 18- dx with t1d 2/3/10
    DEXCOMING! with the G4
    Carteract free since 10/28/10

    Check out my blog -

    college student (Class of 2017) and a nursing major

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    I have actually found that calibrating when high, when low, and when in a good range during the first day or so of each sensor seems to keep it accurate through the whole spectrum of blood sugars...
    If I don't calibrate when I'm high or low, it doesn't seem like it's accurate when my blood sugar goes high or low.
    Maybe it's just my brain thinking tihs, not sure if it makes sense with the technology, but this is what I have noticed for me - and one other thing: if it asks for a calibration, but it's insanely accurate right then, you can totally skip the calibration. I have actually found that if the number on the Dex and the glucometer match, and I calibrate anyway, it then for whatever reason brings up a similar but different number, so it's no longer dead on - weird, but always seems to happen to me if I calibrate when it's already identical to the glucometer number.

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