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Thread: Are we the only ones that use Peeps for lows

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    This is what we did
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach bum View Post
    This is what we did

    Peeps are so cute! And yummy

    Mom to 13 yr old dd, dx 10/2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by selketine View Post
    William used to love those for lows - they didn't keep all that well so it was a limited engagement. But they come out several times between Halloween and Easter.

    They worked fine for a low - I wouldn't have used them for a super low cause I'm not exactly sure how long they took. He hasn't tried one for a low in awhile!

    I love the Vanilla and Chocolate ones!
    Yes we only use for a mild low. Not a bad low or fast dropping. I don't care for them. Too sweet for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooh's Mom View Post
    I tried to use it for a low on Easter day and she wouldn't eat them. So now I am stuck with peeps and no one will eat them. They are going to the landfill.
    8 ways to destroy PEEPs

    My kids won't eat them - they have gelatin in them and we don't eat gelatin.
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