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Thread: New forum - parents whose kids are in college

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    Default New forum - parents whose kids are in college

    This forum is for parents who have kids with type 1 who are in college -- or perhaps even older. We're no longer worried about school nurses and sleepovers -- we're worried about kids living on their own, the pressures of dorm or apartment living, insurance, jobs, etc.

    Here's a place to discuss our issues.

    My daughter Marissa, now 20, will begin her third year of nursing school in a couple weeks (her school starts late). She lives on campus with two roommates. While my wife and I do worry about her diabetes care, she has done exceptionally well: A1c's in the very low 6s (6.1 last). She checks very frequently (more than 10 times per day) and almost every night.
    Jeff Hitchcock - President and Founder, CWD
    Father of Marissa (BSN, RN), now 26, married, and mother, dx'd at 24 months

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    Awww... sweet!!

    Thanks Jeff! I have tears in my eyes. I feel like I belong.
    son/26 dx'd 6/06 Pumping Novolog: Omnipod and Dex G4

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    thanks for the college place!!

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    I am new to this board, my daughter, Anna was diagnosed Type 1 on Jan. 30, 2007. She just turned 17 at end of August and will be starting her senior year at high school. I was interested in your post as your daughter is in college for nursing. Anna is planning on attending college for nursing also.
    I am interested in if you have every heard of any concerns over her choice of degree. I was at Anna's volleyball game a couple of nights ago and one a mother of one of her teammates questioned me if Anna has re-thought her major yet? I was floored by this---as I never even thought and still don't that diabetes would be an issue, she check's religiously and is going on a minimed pump in October? Why would this nurse say this to me and has your daughter's counselors at her college ever brought this issue up? Thank you,

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    Default College freshman

    Thank you so much for this new forum. I reached out to Laurie (Thank you so much for your kind words) and now I am happy to see that there will be a place for those of us that still worry, but aren't with our kids everyday any more.

    Our son, Pat, was 13 when he was diagnosed. He was never the most organized kid to begin with and 13 was just a very difficult age to try to instill organization.

    Now fast forward to last week. We were getting ready to pack the car for college and my nerves were fried. I am sure his were too, but the worry of his being on his own and managing by himself was crazy. He didn't really appreciate the need for any lists of what he was taking and where it was. (He's an 18 year old boy...who needs lists?!?!?) When all was packed I put the plastic bin with all of the diabetes "stuff" in it in the front seat of the car, with a big yellow sticky to remember the Insulin (still in the fridge).

    The next morning my DH two DD's and DS get in the car. Everything ready to go... did you forget anything?...nope, You sure?...Yes!...oh, the insulin (arrggg!) Thank goodness for Post It Notes! At least we weren't half way down to NY before he remembered!

    We get to the campus and he was amazingly ready to get out and begin college life...He was as excited as one can be. He is a very self confident young man and has such a love for life's adventures.

    Moving into the dorm however, was a tad stressful... did I say tad?... it was one of those events that I would rather not repeat. I finally said to him to check his b/s because he was so short with us; it was 104... a meter commercial moment... he was just normal stressed like all of us. When it came to say goodbye, it was really tough. I packed extra tissues and used every one

    I have to have faith that he will be fine and I know he really needs to learn how to take care of himself, but I am not convinced yet. I guess this is where they really do become "responsible adults". He has called once and his b/s was 124; not bad for a Saturday morning! We told him he didn't have to call us every day and now its driving me crazy.

    I would love to hear from others as they, and their kids, handle this huge transition.

    Thank you again for this special forum!

    Margaret O

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    Hi Susan, Denise and Margaret!

    Margaret, I loved text messaging that first year. I felt like I could communicate lots with my son and maybe for him it was less invasive - no one needed to know mom was calling. We went with the unlimited text messaging plan. Worked out great for us.
    son/26 dx'd 6/06 Pumping Novolog: Omnipod and Dex G4

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    We use IM to stay in touch...I'm just happy to see his screen name on my buddy list. I resist the urge to IM everytime I see him...but try to find some news article to discuss just to chat. I breathe a big sigh of relief when I see he's signed on. He's really happy at school which is a great thing.

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    I, too am so thankful for this forum - a place to belong. My daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks before Thanksgiving her Sophomore year at college three and 1/2 hours away. The hardest thing I ever did was to drive away that Sunday after a 3 day hospital stay. The only thing keeping me going was knowing that she would be home soon for Thanksgiving holidays. So much to learn and process, etc. She's very focused and detail-oriented and of course had to take full responsibility for her own care from the start. Look foward to getting to know more parents like myself.

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    I am also new to posting to this forum. I live in Alberta, Canada. My son with D is 19 and lives with my other son (21) while they both attend college. I also have a daughter (15) who still lives at home. My sons live about 3 hours away from us. And ..... I miss my boys!

    Mary Jayne - mom to Devin, dx at 13, pumping at 15, now 19
    (mom to Blaine, 21 and Ainsley, 15, too!)

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    Default Medical alert id

    My son was just diagnosed in June. He is a Jr. and is currently on 10 units of Lantus at fast acting yet. (they caught this VERY early). The Dr. indicated that we really don't have to worry so much about Lows right now but I was wondering if most college kids/young adults wear any type of Medical ID.

    Also I would be interested where everyone is in school. My son is at Appalachian State (Boone , NC). (The team that beat Michigan..woohoo)

    I think this is a great forum and I expect to learn alot from you guys.



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