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Thread: How do you deal with tubing?

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    Default How do you deal with tubing?

    We have our 3 month check up next week and I plan on bringing up getting Molly on a pump. We've tried the trial pod and we all liked it. I'm trying to keep a open mind though, and I figure our endo's office prefers Medtronic (I don't know that for sure though, just assuming because the dietician there also works for Medtronic).

    Molly is almost 6 and very active. She plays soccer and I can't wrap my head around how to manage a pump clipped on when she is running full speed, and falling and jumping and all the other things she does. I know there are belts, but that just seems like it would be extra bulky and not to mention hot, but I don't know obviously, because I've never worn one and we don't know any other kids with D.

    So, someone school me on how to manage tubing and keeping a pump on when you are a small, active child. Pictures would be helpful as well.
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    Pumping for years - the tubing really isn't a big deal. Very active kid, lots of sports etc and really, doorknobs are responsible for the few snagged tubing experiences she's had.

    It's a matter of personal preference. If your dd likes the pod you must not give into pressure to go with something else just because you think that someone in the office has some sort of relationship with one brand or the other. By all means try the mm pump, but don't agree to anything you are less that 100% sure you can work with.
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    There are little tubing clips (I can't seem to find any, but I have them!) where you wind the tubing around the tubing clip and then clip that to your belt or pants and then you can have your pump in your pocket.

    Honestly, the spibelts and the other belts are wonderful. Most people just wrap the extra tubing around the pump and then put the pump in the belt/pouch and go. My younger brother uses spibelts exclusively (he likes his pockets for other things, like video games), and I use them whenever I don't have pockets or the pockets I do have are not pump friendly.

    In the summer, it can get warm. I have noticed, in my experience, if it's really warm or if I keep my pump in my bra for days on end (because female clothes have terrible pockets), that my pump does get warm and the insulin doesn't last the full three days, but that's me, and I run warm.

    They do make frio pump pouches, which do work. I used one in Florida last summer for FFL and it was like magic.

    Pumps are little tanks too. I'm not suggesting you try and test the durability, but many people play sports and run around and take tumbles with their pumps. It might get some wear and tear over the years, but that's normal.
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    DS is almost 4 and is very active. We use the SPIbelt, and it is not at all bulky. It fits nicely underneath his clothing, which helps keep tubing away from harm. He wore the SPIbelt all summer last year, and it never seemed to bother him. We don't even make a special point of tucking in the tubing, but positioned as it is in the belt more or less under his clothes, it has yet to get snagged on anything.

    I agree with the PP: while you should keep an open mind about all of the products, don't let the endo's office dictate your choice. You and your daughter are the ones that have to live with it, after all, and I don't think I would remain with a practice that made decisions based on their comfort and convenience over my family's.

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    Tubing has never been an issue for us. Our preferred pump pouch for sports/dance is the waist-it from

    They are pricey, but we've had one now for at least 3 years and it's still going strong. It keeps the pump snug to the body, but not to the point that it is in anyway uncomfortable. My daughter loves it because it's soft and she doesn't have to deal with the buckles or Velcro of the belts. It's snug enough so that when she's running or dancing (she does Irish step so it's a lot of jumping and bouncing)it's not flopping all over the place.

    My daughter will just wrap the tubing around the pump if she remembers, if not, it just hangs out, usually under her shirt. If she has an arm site, she snakes it up her shirt and out the sleeve (if it's short sleeve, long sleeve no issue at all).

    As for choosing a pump, ask to see all if the office has samples, which they should. If not go online and the companies have pretty good info. Don't go by what your doctor is pushing you towards unless it's something you really want. Keep an open mind and let your childs needs be your guide. In the end though, all are good products, all do the same thing which is deliver insulin. Some have more bells and whistles than others.
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    We've only used the Omnipod, so I can't comment on the tubed pumps, but don't let your doctor make that decision for you. Go with the pump that you guys are the most comfortable with, and most importantly, that your child is the most comfortable with.

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    Go with whatever pump you prefer. But we've never had a tubing issue. During very active times he'll use a spibelt but otherwise the pump just stays in his pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mocha View Post
    if I keep my pump in my bra for days on end (because female clothes have terrible pockets), that my pump does get warm and the insulin doesn't last the full three days, but that's me, and I run warm.
    I wear my pump in my bra 90% of the time and I haven't had much of an issue with insulin potency, but it certainly takes a toll on the pump itself... every 6 months or so I have to have mine replaced because the glue holding the button pad on comes undone (sweat kills it I think), and I'm convinced that my sweat also eats away at the paint too - most of the paint on the "face" of my pump is gone and is now bare plastic. To be honest because of this I'm not 100% sure I'll stay with Animas when my warranty is up in another year... I feel like a pump designed to be worn 24/7 should be able to be worn against the skin without literally falling apart. I wore my MM pump this way and NEVER had a sweat related issue.

    Anyways though, as long as my tubing is predominantly covered by clothing I've never had an issue and usually don't do anything special with it.
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    Our DD wears her pump in a pump pouch from Too Sweet Boutique. She loves it and her tubing never gets in her way, even though she is a sloppy pumper and her tube hangs over her pants all the time.

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    dd has worn a spibelt 24/7 since the beginning. Day night playing sleeping etc. She takes off the pump in the pool. It's totally comfy and the tubing we tuck in with the pump so no issue at all. Get the regular spibelt, not the D one for pumps. You don't need a button hole and you'd have to detach to take the belt off. The zipper leave plenty of room for the tube so you can just take it out without a problem.

    Also, there's these, but we never needed one.
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