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Thread: Question about after lunch number at school...

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    Default Question about after lunch number at school...

    My son is in kindergarten. He is on humalog 1/2:15 and lantus at night 1/2 unit. It seems 2-3 days a week, his level 2 hours after lunch is around 220 to 230. The other days, he is around 150-180. He usually eats the same thing (pb and j sandwich, chips and carrots). It is usually 45 carbs so he gets 1 1/2 units.

    My question is would you worry about the days that he ends up between 220-230. It does come down to around 150 by the time I pick him up at 4:00. I don't want to adjust anything and risk him going low.
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    Is his blood sugar at lunch the same on all days? Unless you do a correction for the high, he will be out of range 2 hours after lunch.
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    Personally, nah. I wouldn't worry about it. It took me a while, but I've learned to deal with less-than-perfect, but still okay numbers at school.
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    is there anything different about those days where he's higher or lower (like gym)? I wouldn't worry about it because he's in range by pick up.
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    So much of DD's school day is out of my control and understanding, that, like some of the other posters, I tend to let things be unless I can see a really clear pattern that is susceptible to a change.
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    I would be fine with those numbers 2 hours after lunch.
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