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Thread: At What Low do you Treat for at Nightly Check?

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    Default At What Low do you Treat for at Nightly Check?

    So you do your 2am check lets say...what number is low enough for you to juice your child?
    Maybe this was answered before.. just wondering... Daniels numbers are lowering now with the lower carb to insulin ratio at lunch and dinner.....Last night his number within an hour and a half of each other(2-4am) were 109 and 105( I gave the lantus late remember)... he woke up to 135(so he didn't go high as we thought he might be in the am.

    today he is going to bed at 167..I'm cool with that.....

    We're out of the 300's....and below 200 is grand..but now that we're more "normal" range..I worry lol

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    For me, since I check a lot at night, I may not treat a 100. I would probably give 5 or 10 carbs for an 80 or below.
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    For us it depends upon if he had a lot of activity during the day... then I would treat anything under 100, just to be safe.
    Also, it depends upon if the cgm is working and reliable - if it is working and reliable I revert back to the previous week, in my mind. If it has been flatline (staying pretty stable throughout the night - which is typical), and no great activity during the day, I would just wait and see, checking on it throughout the night.

    My son is typically 80-85 all night long and stays at that number throughout most nights so this is not uncommon.

    Before we had those basals down to a science, I would be very conservative about the nightime number and would NEVER trust 80-85. For you, with mdi and no cgm, I would also think it is important to know when your lantus will peak. On MDI I always checked with finger poke at least once during the night.

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    On MDI anything lower than a 90. Never gave her 15g carbs as that would raise her more than 150 points, so we'd let her take a few sips of juice. But I was never really comfortable with a number under 120 at that time because the long-acting never held her steady at night. Thus, our insistence on getting her on a pump.

    It also depends on the level of activity the previous day or two days.
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    Back in MDI days, we would treat anything under 100, aiming for 120 as much as possible. Now with the pump and Dexcom, I love to see him at 80, although he is usually more around 140. Got to work on that.

    the problem with J is that his sleep schedule is crazily erratic. He sleeps days or nights or might stay up all day and all night then get a three hour nap and be good to go for another day and maybe another night. So it's really hard to get those basals set. I know theoretically it shouldn't matter if he is asleep or awake, but his growth hormones only seem to kick in when he sleeps, no matter if that is day or night. So it's really hard to get the basals covering that since I never know when it will be. I need to create another basal program and label them "awake" and "asleep". I'm just afraid I wouldn't remember to change over.
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    I will treat anything under 100.

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    Depending on our day and activity..Right now I'am not comfortable with Blake being under 120 while he is asleep..He does not feel well at 80, so if I don't give a couple of swallow's of juice he will drop..Everyone's body is so different in where they feel "low". At 80 that "feeling" starts coming on here..
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    Don't have anything else to add regarding your question...Just wanted to let you know you are asking lots of great questions in your threads! Your "baby" has a smart mama...and you're doing a great job! You'll be a pro in no time!
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    I think at 2am anything under 100 I would give some juice, even if it's just a few sips. We've only had that happen once or twice so far and that is what we did.

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    I juice and turn down the basal on the pump for anything under 70. I give chocolate milk for anything between 70 and 100. Seems to work well for us.
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