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Thread: Glucose tabs or something else?

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    Default Glucose tabs or something else?

    we use glucose tabs when the low is under 4 (72). Is this what most people do or do you use something else that is equally effective in bringing up a low. We use juice if it isn't too low. Someone recently told me that they use rockets instead of glucose tabs...
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    My ds loves tabs. He loves trying the flavors, etc. I, on the other hand, would much prefer to find an alternative. Lately I've been encouraging o.j. or grapes, anything that seems healthier that would be effective to use when we're at home. Can't find anything else as portable and effective as tabs for when we're out.

    As of yet, we haven't found the perfect thing, so will be watching this thread for some good ideas!
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    we find tabs the quickest and easiest. Anything "candy" would just inevitably get eaten (I tried carrying smarties around for a while but since that's one of the only candies I like you can imagine what happened to those....)

    At night we use juice.

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    Tabs and juice only for us. We decided early on that we didn't want to have an overlap between "treats" and "treatments" for lows. But when she was little our dd would have been forever "low" if we used candy Every kid is different.
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    Juice, Life Savers, Peppermints, Skittles....
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    We use a variety at home; smartees, tabs, fruit snacks, chocolate milk, juice, yogurt drinks.

    Smartees, tabs and fruit snacks when we're away from home.
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    Smarties---one pack is 6 carbs. Also, we've been getting the mini meranges at the grocery store and they are nice too!
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    Usually juice or Smarties. It could change again in a few months.
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    We used to be "juice people" but we have seen that tabs have the best, predictable response. We only use juice in an emergency and then only after tabs.
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    It depends on the low. I find tabs & juice are the quickest & most reliable & predictable.
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