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Thread: MDIs - How many?

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    Default MDIs - How many?

    On average, how many injections are you doing daily?

    I want to throw up just thinking about the fact that my 5-year-old had 6 shots today. I'm truly sick to my stomach. It would have been 7, but by the time he wanted a snack before bed he was so fed up he just wanted a free snack. His legs look AWFUL. He won't let me near his arms or booty (and the dex is in the booty).

    The worst part? We get to do it all over again tomorrow! I want a freaking pump BADLY.
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    I've counted in the past and some months the average has been 6 but mostly it's around 4-5. The most insulin shots I've counted in one day is 12.
    Today was six.
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    When Molly was getting shots she got 4 a day. I just posted this link on another post, but when we were doing MDI, we started using the Insuflon which helped TREMENDOUSLY! It's the next best thing to a pump IMO. It's a little catheter similar to a pump site. Every time you inject, you go into the catheter instead of the skin. You change it out every 3 days. Not sure if you can use Lantus in it. There are mixed opinions about that, but gets rid of at least 3 shots a day.
    It's a bigger needle than a syringe needle, but we just used numbing cream before we inserted it.

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    On a good day? 4 Breakfast,lunch,dinner and Lantus. We have found either no carb or low carb snacks so he doesn't usually have a shot at snack time. On a bad day, it can be 2 or 3 more than that if he needs corrections. But we have had more problems with lows than highs,so there have been more of those damned finger pokes for us. I'm sorry you're having a hard time.

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    I am afraid, as many as necessary - depending on the type of snack. Using a pen instead of a syringe makes it much more bearable...
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    If he wants lots of snacks, you could give the snack insulin at the meal and then give the snack 2 hours after the meal. This worked for my son when he was on shots.
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    On average 4 times a day but it can be 5 or 6 it just depends on the day.

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    She averages 6/day. Some days, for whatever reason (wants to eat more, has low a low GI meal, has a fatty meal, a cold, etc.), then she becomes a human pincushion. Sucks..but...
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    Minimum 5. Usually closer to 10. Seventeen year old boys tend to snack. A lot.
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    We are also about an average of 6, but luckily, he doesn't care...just wants to eat...but, I know how you totally sucks for me...I hate giving him shots...thinking about the pump too...

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