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Thread: infusion sets straight vs angled

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    Default infusion sets straight vs angled

    Tell me about straight and angled infusion sets. Besides one going straight in the body and the other going in at an angle, are there other differences. Do you think one is better. (i know it's all preference, I just want your opinion) Is one more likely to cause problems then another?
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    In our experience the angled ones hurt. We use the 90' Medtronic QuickSets and they are very comfortable and have only once in 3 years come out. It was a huge tug when she got it caught on some sporting equipment and she was jumping around. The first set we tried was angled and it was so sore we had to change it within an hour. It nearly put her off pumping. She is very athletic though and doesn't have any cushioning layers.
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    Samantha is thin so when we first tried the quick set ( straight in types) her numbers went high only used it for a 2 days till the dr changed us to the silhouettes which is the 45 angle havent had a after 2 1/2 I thought we would try the new mio's MM has out IF I got a good spot she had great numbers if not OMG, like now I changed her last night with a Mio ( stright in) and she had great numbers all night, this morning she called from school telling me she was 599 came home did the ketone check it was large changed the site and the cannula was bent..I had it in her arm but the only thing I can think of is some how it had to have moved a bit and hit the muscle needless to say we are going back to the 45 degree ones till the girl gets lots more meat on them bones...

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    We used to use the angled ones for our Animas Ping, we were told when we first started on the pump that these would be best for Kieran as he's so lean.

    I didn't like using them, I found I messed up numerous site insertions because of them, figuring out the right angle and bunching up the skin etc...

    We now use the straight-in ones and love them - even on his leaner areas. THey work great and are much easier to insert. We haven't talked about whether they hurt more/less/same as the others, but thinking about it I guess he doesn't complain as much now as he used to.
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    We use the quick sets and had trouble the first couple of weeks with the occaisionl bent cannula. One thought I had was that I was maybe pulling the needle out too fast and it was partially pulling up the cannula as well. So I now pull the needle out slowly, and we haven't had a problem in over a year.

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    we use the straight in sure-t ... and I think one thing I like is that they are much easier to insert so she can do them herself if need be ...

    second of all, I noticed that they do not seem to make near the mark that the angles silhouette did on her ... and they seem to heal faster ...


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    My daughter is very skinny and we only use straight sets. We use the shorter cannula, but straight. They work great for her (we use contact-detach).
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    Do you children or yourself think they feel different. Is one more comfortable going in? Ashleigh was wondering if the straight would feel more comfortable to her since she gives her injections straight in, not at an angle.
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    We started with the straight sets. We got 2 - 2 1/2 days at the most. When we switched to the angled, we got 3-4 days consistently. so, for us, I guess it "spread out" the insulin and the site didn't get saturated as quickly
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    You can contact the rep and have them come to your house to do a demonstration. That way she can try one of each. That's what we did, and Tori found that the angled one really hurt. She could not feel the one that went straight in - so that is what we have stayed problems so far.
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