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Thread: What is the 1 thing you wish you knew at DX?

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    Default What is the 1 thing you wish you knew at DX?

    It's been a long time since we jumped into this diabetes fun - almost 12 years!

    Looking back I wish we had learned so much more at the hospital then we did.

    I think the biggest thing we wish we had known was _________________(fill in the blanks)

    For us, it was the different insulin that were available. We spent our first 2 months on 2 I'd rather not ever go back to.

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    Hmmm, always give Lantus in the bootie, the bootie is NOT a good place for fastacting. And, a list of things that affect bg such as weather

    Seth 17, dx'd at 7 (shots for most of 9+ years, has been on the Omnipod/Apidra for 1 year)

    Always always always....Trust your gut!:

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    That sometimes, even when your carb count is perfect and your correction factor is perfect you get wonky numbers. In the hospital, they made it all sound so simple...x number of carbs times insulin ratio plus correction factor and viola perfect control....
    Mom of Cassidy 14yrs dx @ age 10 on 4/18/2010

    MDI Humalog/Lantus

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    That certainty is rare. As is uninterrupted sleep.
    Mom of 12- and 14-year old non-diabetic daughters and
    9 year old Lindsay, dx'd T1D Feb 23, 2010 (age 6 at dx), Celiac and Hashimoto's April 2010.
    Revel CGMS initiated October 4, 2010
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    A1c at dx: 11.9
    A1c 8/22/10: 7.0
    A1c 4/26/10: 7.1

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    That it's ok to go out, go on trips, do regular everyday things.
    Mom to 2 boys (6 & 8), oldest dx in Oct. '06
    Pump MM522 w/ Sure-Ts infusion sets since July '10
    Previously pump Deltec Cozmo w/ Contact-Detach sets

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    That things will actually start to get easier... The tears would stop for periods of times.

    Mother of:
    Alicia (11) Dx 09.03.2010 Pumping with Minimed Veo, Paul (13) non-D

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    That there were shorter syringes than the ones we went home with.

    Russell E Shaffer Jr
    Father of London Shaffer-4 years old.
    Dx'd at 16 months
    Lantus and Humalog (MDI)

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    I thankfully had a little bit of a clue what good and bad BG numbers were in the hospital but being in the state I was in, all I could do is write them down when the nurses took them.

    But they talked about so many other things that I didnt even understand and my sleep deprived, emotional brain couldn't process.

    What I wish is that another mother of a 2 year old with T1 diabetes had walked in the door to be my "doctor to emotional mother" translator.

    I walked out with a sliding scale and set carb counts for a 2 year old child which is ridiculous - I wish I would have had someone there to tell me that I could fight for a basal-bolus approach (well, and she would have had to tell me what that meant, too)
    Mother to:
    Samantha - 17
    Michael - 13
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    as of 9/07
    CGMSing as of 3/26/09 with Navigator, 9/14/12 with Dex 7, 12/5/12 with dex G4

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    The biggest thing I wish I had known was how little I knew! Nathan was never hospitalized but we went to a couple of classes. It all seemed rather simple with the hand-outs and simple examples. I remember the insulin figuring examples all had a carb ratio of 10:1. It seemed so simple. Or the correction unit for every 25 points over 120.

    Nathan was on a half a unit of insulin for every 75 carbs. And his correction factor was huge (I can't remember it right now). He couldn't have any free carbs like they told us was possible or his blood sugar would go high and a correction without an ample meal was scary. And the 15/15 rule? What a joke!

    So, yeah, I wish I had known that I didn't know much of anything.
    Mom to Nathan
    Born 5-22-03
    Diagnosed 2-7-06
    Pumping with Cozmo

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    I actually wish they had directed me to this site.. it was a few months before I found it.. I wish there was information handed out at diagnoses about CWD and other support groups locally..

    We didn't have a hospital stay. We missed out on a lot of that general information.. we were shown how to use a meter and give a lantus shot then sent home.
    K, 9.5yrs, dx 1/06 @35months
    Pumping MM 723 w/ Mio sets and Apidra
    Celiac dx 5/08
    Cgms-ing 11/07
    Podding for 'tubing' breaks 4/11


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