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Thread: So the brand new school nurse says...

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    Default So the brand new school nurse says...

    We have a brand new nurse at the school, and she said to the other 1st grade type 1 "You don't need insulin for your lunch, your blood sugar is fine."

    He wasn't low or anything, she just assumed that you only give insulin if BG is high.

    To which the first-grade little boy replied "I need insulin before every meal." Thank goodness that 6 year old is smarter than the new nurse and that Amy was there to see it. Sheesh, where do you even start with something like that??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brensdad View Post
    Sheesh, where do you even start with something like that??
    Five-oh-four meeting.

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    Oh. Oh dear. I hope she gets some training, stat.
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    Scary. Hope you get her whipped into shape.
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    Complain and get her tushie into training ASAP!
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    I would speak to her. Offer to put her through a Type 1 D management boot camp. If she declines, report her.

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    Eeeeek! That'!
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    Wow... Yet, it's these types who are the only ones allowed to give insulin to students in California. Yikes.
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    OMG! Once again I am reminded as to how lucky we are with our DD's school and her health assistant. Good luck!

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    Right there with ya. We have a "health aide" not a nurse. She is brand new also and has no experience with diabetes. The district does have a nurse who oversees 5 schools total. She called me to let me know the new aide has no experience and asked that I come in each day at lunch the first few weeks to help train her. The district nurse has been there also..but really.. Are you kidding? We got out of the hospital with this new diagnoses on July 20th. Our school started August 9. And I who just learned what bolus means am supposed to help train a new health aide to care for my son? Ugh. I had to talk with her today because in viewing last weeks school logs, it seems like she's confused on the numbers. She gave him juice to treat a low, when he was not even low, a few times. It's frustrating. I wish you luck!


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