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Thread: How old will your child be when s/he gets a cell phone?

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    Question How old will your child be when s/he gets a cell phone?

    The "letting go" post made me think of this. DD is only 5 (and can barely recite our entire telephone number without prompting), but I can see how handy this would be in a few years ... if she was playing in our neighborhood, taking a bike ride, or even at school.

    I know most schools don't allow the kids to have phones, but I'm assuming that a 504 plan could specify that DD be permitted access to her cell phone to call me regarding a bolus or other D-related issue.

    What age will your child with D be (or how old was your child with D) when s/he got their own cell phone?
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    If you'd asked me this question 8 days ago, I'd have told you my daughter wouldn't be getting a cell phone for at least three more years. But, now, with her diagnosis, she's getting one on Tuesday when she goes back to school, but with strict rules about usage. AT&T has parental controls that control the times and amount of usage, as well as which numbers she can dial.
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    Before D I would have said not till at least 16, now I am looking at phones for her. Not to much of a hurry since we home school but if she goes off to camp or what not I want her to be able to stay in touch if things are not going well.

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    William got one when he was 7 - it is great for keeping in touch if he is across the street playing with the neighbor's kids or out on the sidewalk riding his scooter, etc. He does not take it to school (and he doesn't ride a school bus).

    I HIGHLY recommend Kajeet - it is a phone service made for kids. You can buy phones for around $30 and the service can be as low as $5 a month (the $5 includes the monthly service plus 10 mins of talk time - 10 cents a minute after that - they have other plans). We've used Kajeet for 2 years now with zero problems. You can also see all the calls made to and from the phone and set limits on when the phone can be used - and to whom the calls can be made - and you don't pay extra for that. There is a GPS locater too - that is an extra service.
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    I can't say for sure. Whenever we get to the point where I am comfortable letting her be someplace without me or another fully trained adult.

    I tend to be a little, um, over protective even without D. So that hasn't happened yet and I hope it's a few more years.

    However once she gets to 6th grade/middle school, it's likely she will be on her own for D care. We don't have nurses in our district and all D care at the elem school is handled by the school secretaries (or an aide if you have an IEP like Lia AND you push for an aide with a walkie talkie to go to the class as needed like I did). But from what I hear in middle/high school they are totally on their own. I *think* the one mom I know managed to get someone at the middle school trained on glucagon but they weren't wild about it. Too bad I say. Anyway at that point she will have a phone. She may have to walk home from school also which I'm not wild about D or not, so again, phone will be a must.

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    I may be different here - but I have not let D be the deciding factor for me. I do let Willow walk up and down the street unattended, ride her bike, or scooter. But I do not feel like she needs a phone to do that. She plays next door with the neighbors and is most always with another adult with a cell phone or home phone.

    Willow is 9 and we are almost 2 years into living with D - so may things for us seem very natural, but I am just not ready for her to have a phone. I have told her that around age 12 when she is in middle school and doing many more activities unaccompanied that that will be the time I will be likely to look into a cell phone for her.
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    We got them this past Christmas, DD was 14 and DS was 13... We knew this diagnosis was coming sooner or later since it was pretty slow onset. Glad we did, he was diagnosed the day after Christmas This makes it so easy to keep in touch with my children, and they don't have to borrow a friends phone. Too bad DS didnt realize that calling Canada is considered an "international" call from the US! He knows now!

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    My older son is 11 and he got his first cell phone this year. It is nice to be able to get in contact with him when he is out and about with friends. Sammy will get one when he gets to middle school. He carries his pack everywhere he goes and is usually with his brother that does have a cell phone. For now, I do not worry about it.
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    We added an extra line to our existing plan for the kids to share (ages 9 and 7 - my 7 yo has D). Home, and Mom and Dad's cell are programmed into speed dial, and we got the kid friendly features - you can go online and see where they are, etc. They don't range too far at this point, but I send it with them when they go somewhere w/ a friend's family, or if they're riding bikes around the neighborhood. DD just did a one mile fun run for school this weekend, and I was much more comfortable letting her do it knowing she could call if she got into trouble.
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    We got one for DS about a month after his dx. Then I ended up pulling him out of school and am now homeschooling him. He has a Net10 phone that came with 60 days service so I haven't paid for anything but the original purchase of the phone. I think when the 60 days is over, he will be phoneless - he never remembers to take it anywhere, so it doesn't do him any good. Might try having him wear a spibelt with it in there to see if that improves things.
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