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Thread: Teenage sound sleepers and alarms

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    Default Teenage sound sleepers and alarms

    Just wondering how many kid, mainly teenagers, hear their alarms at night? Right now my son sleeps through all alarms, alarm clocks and even site changes without missing a wink We are trying to let him gain his independence but we are worried. He has a scout camp coming up this summer that we are completly stressed over. I don't worry about the waking hours but night times are the main issue. How can I train him to hear alarms or alarm clocks so he could manage more on his own while away from us?
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    He's 11 - he won't. I would let him be a kid a little longer without giving him that responsibility.

    At scout camp, one of his buddies will hear the alarm. I would also probably run him a little higher - closer to 150 with all the activity. Might even lower his basal so he is in the low 200's at night to avoid any drops from extra activity.

    Will he have a counselor in his room?
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    My 12 year old could sleep through a smoke detector I wouldn't count on her to wake-up, and even if she did wake-up and test her bg, I couldn't assume she would be alert enough to do the right thing with the test result.
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    Maybe it has to do with kids that young needing sleep for growth. My daughter is 11 and sleeps through everything as well. Honestly, I wouldn't want to have to rely on her tween brain to manage her diabetes in the middle of the night anyway. Have you talked to the director of the camp about night checks?

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    My 14 year old sleeps through all alarms. I had his Guardian right beside his head and he never woke up.

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    Aaron's leaving home next year and still can't be sure he'll wake up to alarms. Though I've noticed -- something kicks in when he's on his own and knows it. Like that knowledge that there's no back-up rouses them more easily. I hope.

    For camp or sleepovers, we've always had Aaron enlist a buddy (or counsellor). Basically the drill is if they hear an alarm go off, they are to harrass him until he wakes up and does his check or whatever...

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    Allison never hears her pump or cgms alarm.
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    My son also sleeps through everything and he's 18......

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    I sometimes wonder if I am training Nathan to NOT hear alarms in the future. There are nights when his pump beeps quite a bit because I either forget to turn it off when I check him or he is high or low and I am not there right away. He isn't expected to hear them so he doesn't
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    Brandi sleeps thru her alarms too. Sometimes she says they wake her up and she is very disoriented and manages to turn off the alarm but doesnt realize why she woke up and doesn't test.
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