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Thread: What were your kids' thoughts/reactions....

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    Default What were your kids' thoughts/reactions....

    To the idea of pumping before they started?

    Michael refuses to even entertain the idea. Michael is doing great on MDIs and I am not looking for him to pump right now. He is also very involved in his own care (testing by himself, packing/carb counting his own lunches, and doing some of his own shots). That's why I say switching at this point would be(in part) his choice, though some I've talked to disagree. If he were doing poorly on MDIs, and I felt that going to the pump would fix it, of course I would make the decision.

    Michael is not making his decision uninformed. I have two adult aquaintances on pumps. We have visited both, talked to each about thier pumps, and he got to "help" one person do her new site. He asked countless questions and thought about it before deciding his answer was no. Since then it has not been a subject he wishes to discuss.
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    Sam was 7 when he started pumping and he was excited about it. The MM rep is one of his good friend's dad--who also has d.

    We were still honeymooning at the time so he wasn't taking many shots and wanted to pump so he didn't have to.

    Sounds like maybe he just isn't ready quite yet. Maybe he can try it with the understanding that if he truly isn't ready, he can always go back to shots??? I would think he would enjoy the freedom it provides, but then again, some people are just comfortable with MDI...
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    I think the child's opinion needs to be taken seriously, especially if he is already doing much of his own care. The pump is another tool to deliver insulin, and it is wonderful. However, there are many children and adults who do fine without it. One thing to remember is that we are teaching our children to handle this disease as adults, you don't want to sour your son now when he may change his mind.

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    He is also very involved in his own care (testing by himself, packing/carb counting his own lunches, and doing some of his own shots).
    Wow, and he's so young. That's great. DD tests herself but other than that she wasn't actively managing her care. She now does bolus on the pump, but I tell her how many carbs to put in.

    dd DID NOT want a pump. She didn't mind shots and didn't like change. I felt her bs was all over the map so that's why I wanted one. It turns out her bs is still all over (better but still) and that the lack of shots and convinience for her and for caregivers are actually the greatest perks for us. And that I test a lot more and the pump is actually more work for me.

    Personally, I believe in retail therapy and bribing. So I explained that this was something I wanted her to TRY for a month and that she deserved a reward for doing so. She picked a trip to Toys R Us in Times Square--we live in Northen NJ--with spending money. So that's what she got at the end of the month. She also got to pick the color, the skin, several pump pouches, a toy pump for her doll, and the location of the sites. That's enough "choice" for a 7 yr old, in my opinion. Well after a week she was hooked and wouldn't trade it for anything. And I just ordered groovy patches so that's another fun pump thing to look forward to.

    I havn't even mentioned the CGM I'm trying to get for her! Any body know where I can get a pony cheap?
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    Jason was 4 when he began pumping. (1 week after DX) I did not ask his opinion then. I simply told him this is how we will be taking care of his D from now on. Maybe this makes me a mean mom, but Im not sure were he diagnosed last week, at 7, I would be asking his opinion. Since I am the one doing the majority of the care and am the adult, I get to make the choice as to what is best for him. When he has the D knowledge and maturity to care for himself independently, he can choose whatever he wants, but until that time *I* get the deciding vote.

    But I am definitely a "pump snob", so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think everyone with D should try one and they should be offered at DX

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    Quote Originally Posted by denise3099 View Post
    Wow, and he's so young. That's great.
    Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised at his taking such an active role. I shouldn't have been. He is also the kind to clean his room w/o me asking. He's an alien I tell you Had it been my 5yr old daughter it would be a completely different story.

    Maybe this makes me a mean mom, but Im not sure were he diagnosed last week, at 7, I would be asking his opinion
    Not a mean mom, just a mom with a different (from mine) kid. If Michael wasn't doing well on MDIs, or (for other reasons) I felt the pump was what was needed for us NOW, I would make the decision and that would be it. I'm sure he'll use one eventually
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    Mom to Michael (7, dx 7-28-09), Katelynn (5 non-D), Rebekah (15 months non-D)

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    Chris was an 11 yo techie at dx. He hates shots - a lot. He searched the internet and saw Team Type I with their Omnipods and had to have one.


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    Hunter was not thrilled with the idea of a pump initially. We talked to his endo and they gave us some information and DVD's. He watched them and played some pump expedition game on-line and then changed his mind and was interested in pumping.
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    I am glad he is doing so well!! My daughter was diagnosed Mar '09 and had been doing really well on shots (last A1Cs = 6.3 & 7.2) and age 8. We are planning on going on pump on Spring Break and cannot wait!!

    I think what turned the tide for her was coming out of honeymoon and having so many little corrections. Also it is hard for Lantus to be perfect for basal as it is rare for basal rates to be flatlined. So when she went to play at a friends house if she needed a correction it is more of an inconvenience with shots and we hope with pump will be easier for her to be more independent. Also, coming out of honeymoon we hope it will be a better match with her basal needs.

    She is very mature and involved like your son and maybe as he goes along and needs corrections or sees that it is harder with MDI to make changes to needs (ie. if sick, coming out of honeymoon, changing schedule) he might be more interested.

    But, I wouldn't push him into it until he is ready and excited about it, my guess is he will get there as he goes along.


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    Ethan was 3 and a half when he started pumping not long ago. He didn't want to do it because he didn't like the thought of getting poked for the infusion set. We moved slow with him, working at his pace. We would occassionally talk about the pump, went to a beginning pump class but didn't push anything, visited friends whose kids had pumps and the like. He eventually agreed to try having a set attached, but no pump. So our next endo appointment we did that. He was OK with that, and we switched it out for a new set after three days, a normal site change cycle for the pump we wanted. Again he was OK with that. But once that was done he still didn't want a pump. Most pump companies have a 30 day return policy where if you don't like it or it just isn't going to work for you, you can return it. So we asked Ethan if he would try it. He indicated he really didn't want it but was willing to try it.

    So we did and he immediately loved it, starting with the very first meal after having the pump on and I said "time for your insulin", took the pump, pressed a couple of buttons and told him I was done. The look on his face was priceless. He has loved it ever since and would never go back to shots.

    I agree with you allowing your son to have input in this, especially given how much maturity he has shown with his care so far.
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