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Thread: Does your child's school do overnight things?

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    Default Does your child's school do overnight things?

    Coco is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go away until Friday to Conservation Camp...I am so sick with worry and packed way to many glucose tabs...

    I saw this coming ,and last year, I said - I will be ready! But - well, I am not! This is the only school that I have heard of that sends them on overnights as a part of the regular curriculum...anybody elses school do that?
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    Ugh, I'd be a bit nervous too

    Our school used to do a week long thing they called "natures classroom" but they dropped it last year - too expensive I think - but all I could do was breath a big sigh of relief!

    Who's your adult on charge? Did the nurse go? Are they terribly far from home?
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    I have never heard of schools taking them places over night like that.. I can't blame you for being nervous.. But, just try to relax.. I am sure things will be fine.. Teach the teacher or nurse or adult in charge all the basic things and give them your phone number.. It will all work out just fine.

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    We go on two trips - France and Belgium - for history, one at age 13-14 and one at 15ish, but neither of them are overnight. We leave at 3AM and get back at about 1AM the next day, IIRC.

    My sister is 10, and at her school they do one weekend trip.
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    Our school has trips in 6th-8th grade. On some trips, parent chaperones are allowed, so my DH usually goes. He likes the camping/hiking stuff anyway. This year (8th grade) they are off to Astro Camp for 3 nights/4 days. We were lucky that in 6th grade, when they don't allow parents, one my son's teachers who went, used to work for Eli Lilly, so she had some diabetes experience, and then they also sent the health aide to keep an eye on things. I definitely understand your concerns, but I am sure your daughter will have a great time!
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    The 1st year Em was dxd went on school camping trip...looking back I dont know how i ever let her go (well there was a GREAAAT teacher/friend to dh that went and a nurse was there)....she loved it (but was still on shots which stunk).....the next 2 years i was able to go to weekend outings as a chaperone. Not sure if there will be any in HS
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    I imagine they do in the older grades. Not positive but I imagine there is a trip to DC in middle school.

    Lia's school used to do an overnight trip in the fourth grade for their big field trip. They went to Mackinac Island and stayed overnight. They no longer do that. Thank goodness. Not so much because of D, because I would insist on going but because of cost. As it is the big 4th grade trip this year which is just a day trip will cost around $200 for the two of us. I know it was a lot more to go to Mackinac.

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    Our 6th graders go on a 2 night trip to "outdoor ed" - parents are allowed to go as chaperones.

    I am not worrying about it since I've just decided one of us will have to go as a chaperone so we are at least there if there is a need. I don't necessarily want to be in the same cabin or follow him around all day but the camp is far away so I'd like to be in the area.

    Frankly I cannot imagine him being 11 years old and taking care of himself so I'm just speculating - LOL! Maybe I'll decide he'll be fine to go without the helicopter mom....
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    Hey Becky! My 11 year old is going away for a week to Nature's Classroom in NH. We had an info session in the Spring and all I could think about was OMG how am I going to let Griffin do this in 6 years!!!



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    No nurse - but a trained health person...he has actually had T1's on the trip for the last 2 years and they had no complaints! And no, no parents (she would freak anyway!)..this is going to be a rough two nights!
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