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Thread: 1st camping trip since dx'd

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    Default 1st camping trip since dx'd

    We will be heading out for a camping trip this weekend. This is our 1st one since dx'd....any tips and guidance from anyone??
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    Bring double of all the supplies you think you might need. My son's meter went out on one trip and that was the only one we had. We had to buy one at the local grocery store.

    Test fairly often and enjoy your time!
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    Since we camp with many other families, there are so many kids there that go play volleyball, ride bikes, they all go off and do their own thing. My kids are older. But I always made sure she had a gatorade around and kept sipping it, because she was so active. This helped her not to become low alot.
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    As a PP said, bring double supplies. We put the insulin in a ziploc bag and then a little plastic container prior to putting it in the cooler. Keeping gatorade handy is helpful too. We camp at least once a year where we are camping will determine any other stuff we bring. We always make sure to have extra glucose tabs and juice boxes. We will turn the pump to a temp basal for the day depending on the activity level.
    Most of all, have fun!
    We just made reservations to camp in Vermont the weekend after Father's Day and for a week in Ohio in July.
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    i agree double supplies and test often our son is two and we've been camping everyweekendfor 6 weeks we have had to change his basal settings for the weekend someting about beingin the country fresh air hewas going low a lot havefun and enjoy your time together
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