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    How does anyone work and have a child with diabetes??? As of right now, we can't afford me to quit my job ( primary bread winner ) My husband is in the process of starting his own business (great timing I know). But sometimes I have to miss work so my husband can work, Because I would like to eventually quit my job or go down to part time. My question is how do you deal with coworkers who think that just because you have a child you shouldn't be able to miss work???? how do you deal with them at all?????? Today I needed to leave work very early because of childcare issues, got the VERY COLD shoulder from a few coworkers. A little history my son was diagnosed and I missed 3 whole days of work, my daughter was diagnosed a week later I missed a week of work. other than that only 2 days since then... I've talked to my mangager who said whe doesn't have a problem with my missed work, its just attitude from coworkers!!!!!!!
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    I am sorry your coworkers are behaving like that. I work part time but at a school. My boss and coworkers are like family and I don't think any of them would ever have any bad feelings about me leaving or not being there if something was wrong with anyone in my family. They are the most supportive group of people, outside of diabetes, I have ever known.

    I really don't know what to say except give you a huge ((((((HUG)))))) and hope that your DH's business hits the ground running.
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    if your manager doesn't mind then thats all that matters..your co-workers have NO CLUE as to what you are dealing with or going through.. they have NO CLUE what having ONE child with diabetes entales.. let alone TWO kids, dx a week a part.. Don't even worry about nasty co-workers!
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    I just wanted to give you support and hugs. I am not working right now because I am finishing up my mat leave with Emma but I can't even imagine holding down a job and dealing with D. Crap, we have ended up in the ER twice since she was diagnosed a month ago. Add to that 2 clinic appointments and my son coming down with a stomach bug that lasted a week and I probably would have worked 3 days.

    Tell your co-workers to go jump in a lake...better yet don't tell them anything, let them think what they want...hang in there.
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    Caring for a child with diabetes is a fulltime job -- unfortunately the pay is lousy . And people can be so ignorant about Type 1 it can make you feel like screaming.

    You may want to sit down and come up with a plan with your manager, so that you have an understanding of how many days off you are taking and whether they count as sick days, comp days etc. This way you are sure you will not fall outside of your company?s guidelines and run the risk of getting fired.

    As for your co-workers -- I would ignore them. One day each of them -- independently -- will see a program, or have a close friend going through the diabetes diagnosis and they will understand. For now, just save your energy and concentrate on your family because you surely must be exhausted.

    I cannot imagine how you are doing it all -- having two children diagnosed so closely together, trying to help a dh with his business and holding down a fulltime job.
    It is a very big juggling act. You have come to the right place for support here.
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    Hey Melissa -- it really sucks when people don't get it and think you are playing some kind of "card" to get away with something. You have an understanding manager, and that's huge. Dealing with your coworkers is something you'll have to figure out. Sometimes it is best to say nothing and hope that they will never know what it is like to walk in your shoes; maybe you might want to look at someone when they are glaring at you and ask directly, "I sense you are bothered by something I am doing." and maybe that will provide you with an opening to explain a little. I don't know.

    I do know that I have just returned to full-time work and am juggling that with two kids with D, and it is tremendously challenging, and I had a few years between diagnosis.

    Hang in there. I just finished a scrapbook for each of the boys to take to the children's congress in June and brought it in to work as the request of my co-workers. Even people I have worked with and known for years were speechless at the amount of work and dedication caring for any child of diabetes is. Maybe there is something you can share with them to help them see what your life is like, too.

    Mary Lou

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    You guys are right, I know that I need to ignore the few that have given me the cold shoulder, i hope that they never have to go thru anything like this. This is a wonderfull place to come to for support and for clarification that we all need. It's just so stinkin hard!!!!! But I can do this and I WILL do this.
    mom of two Type 1 kids
    Matthew dob; 10/00 Dx date 01/25/09 Animas ping 9/09, T-slim 7/13, Dexcom 8/13
    Allison dob 10/03; Dx date 02/02/09, Animas Ping 9/09, T-slim 7/13, Dexcom 8/13

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    Default impressed

    Melissa, I am so impressed by your resolve. I can't imagine what that second diagnosis felt like! I'll be thinking about your strength when I feel overwhelmed.

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    (((HUGS))). I too agree that as long as your manager is happy and you are following company rules in regards to time off, well, that's all you need to be concerned with.

    Of course that's easier said than done, but I don't really know how to handle that. I've been lucky in that both my manager and my coworkers have been very understanding. Sure some of my coworkers don't GET diabetes and don't understand why I'm so tired and stressed at times (one woman goes on about how I need to get more sleep because I have such dark circles under my eyes, yeah, I WISH I could lol), but I just don't mention anything to them anymore.

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    its none of thier business why you take time off and I bet no one questions them when they are off if they don't have kids.

    Do your best to ignore them.
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