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Thread: call endo? or do it yourself?

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    Default call endo? or do it yourself?

    How many of you keep in contact with endo with every problem? Or do you just try to correct the problem yourself?
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    take care of it, only see endos at check ups.

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    We've never called. Figure it out ourselves or come to the forums here.

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    Depends on what the problem is. If it's something with patterns, I try and pinpoint and start making changes from there.

    If it's illness related or I just can't seem to figure it out on my own, I email. Our team is really good about getting back to us by the end of the day. If it's even more urgent than that, I call and usually speak w/one of them right then.
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    Default When sick yes, otherwise no

    Since we have been on the pump alot of things I do myself. With pumping you can immediatly change basals and I:C. So with growth spurt and little sicknesses I have done mostly everything and we have endo appointments every 3-4 months where we do the a1c and aslong as it is ok I am pretty confident in what I have been doing, highest since DX was 8.1 and that was at a time that her humalog was not working for her well. and immediatly lowered when we switched to Novolog.

    With that said with the next endo appointment in a couple of weeks I am going to ask them to look over everything and review a few weeks of numbers and have them give my treatment plan the A'OK or tweek it.
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    Come here or figure it out myself. Most often the latter since there aren't too many people here who can figure out what I'm even doing with all this insulin.

    We see the endo twice a year, CDE twice a year. CDE actually handles the day-to-day stuff, endo goes over test results. I'll email the CDE if I'm absolutely stumped, but we've been doing really well (knock on wood) so I haven't contacted her in over a month.

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    Usually I try it out by myself, and if the results are not what I expected, then I put in a call to the endo. We see them very often anyway.
    During illness, if I get panic, then I just call. They don't mind.
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    I correct it myself, usually call the endo after the fact so he can know about what has happened.
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    We do all changes ourselves. At the last visit, the endo didn't have any suggestions as my son's A1c had improved.
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    We only call if we've tried and can't get a grip on the problem or it's something new and wacky that we don't feel prepared to handle. EG when my son wanted to do a 30-hour fundraising famine, you can bet I was asking about that!

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