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Thread: When do you bolus?

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    Default When do you bolus?

    When we went to the dr she told me, we should be bolusing before the meal. Or at least giving 1/2. I understand why, Haley takes 30 mins and by then she is high and then the insulin has to fight the high. Do you really think it will help change her numbers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haleysmom2214 View Post
    When we went to the dr she told me, we should be bolusing before the meal. Or at least giving 1/2. I understand why, Haley takes 30 mins and by then she is high and then the insulin has to fight the high. Do you really think it will help change her numbers?
    If you know she'll eat, yes it does change the numbers. We don't get highs after lunch or dinner anymore - do still have a breakfast spike, but it's gone by 3 hours past meal. Not fighting highs down all day if you prebolus. I give his shot right as he sits down. Seems to help.
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    The only meal for which we sometimes prebolus is breakfast.
    All other meals we bolus after.
    Ian's a very slow eater, so very seldom I fraction the bolus as he eats, but I don't like doing this, as it confuses me (endo did suggest this though)
    Most of the time though, we just wait and bolus after, and so far it's worked. We've just taken the plunge and are more aggressive with the dose.

    ETA - Ian's very unpredictabe though when eating.
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    I prebolus by at least 20 minutes - the longer the better. My daughter can scarf down her food in less than 10 minutes.

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    It makes a huge difference for us. I'm never sure how much Jack will eat, so I just predose the carbs for what I KNOW he'll eat and do the rest afterwards.
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    We have always bolused before the meal.
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    I always prebolus at home but Tori is a dependable and good eater. At school, for lunch, they bolus after she eats.
    If she is high at mealtime, I will prebolus 1/2 hour ahead of time instead of 10-15 minutes ahead.
    Someone on here has a chart. Tells you how far ahead of time to prebolus depending on what the before meal blood sugar reading is.
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    Tony's on shots so we wait till he's done eating, otherwise he'd get a billion shots-sometimes he asks for more and more food

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    on the pump it is so easy and I'm beginning to believe that timing is everything.

    we pre-bolus every meal for 20 carbs and then finish up either part-way through the meal or at the end, depending on who we're talking about (Brian is more capable of knowing how much he'll eat), and what we're eating.

    the only time we don't pre-bolus is if either child is LOW or AT 70, or is close to 70 with sensor arrows going down.

    At b'fast, we prebolus by 20 - 30 minutes, other meals by 10-15 minutes.

    try it. see how it works for you. Nothing is written in stone. diabetes is an experiment in progress at almost all times.

    good luck.

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    I just received a newsletter from Erica's endo's office in regards to pre-bolusing. For those people that don't have diabetes, the pancreas secretes insluin even before they start eating (just thinking about eating causes the pancreas to secrete insulin). This is so insulin is already there when the food is being eaten and digested. As people with diabetes try to mimic what the pancreas does with their dosing, it's important to take insulin before eating. Makes for better A1cs. Of course there are exceptions for the younger kids.
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