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Thread: Help school caused low BS seizure

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    Angry Help school caused low BS seizure

    On monday Jared had his first seizure due to low blood sugar. Here's what happened at 330 I got a call from Jared's teaher stating she had kept him after class to clean his desk and that he was acting sleepy etc. and could I come pick him up so he wouldn't need to ride his bike home. When I got to the school Jared was acting like his bs was low so I asked when his blood sugar was check she said it was checked at 240 and that it was high at that time. The teacher also said she made him stand up to clean his desk because he was falling asleep. I checked Jared and it was 35I asked the teacher to see what was going on and she left to go talk to the person who had tested him. Jared started seizing almost immediately after she left the room so I picked him up and ran to the office which is where his supplies usually are. The supplies weren't there the secretary ran to where the glucagon was and brought back the kit. I gave glucagon followed by glucose. Upon review of Jared's records I saw that at 235 his bs was 89 and for some reason they had him recheck 5 min later which the reading was 359 which he recieved 2.05 u I was also told that he didn't clean his finger with an alcohol wipe for th 2nd reading beacause there wheren't any in his meter case. His supply box was in the rm with more wipes. His health care plan states his bs is to be double checked prior to any correction for a high. I also have a huge isssue with his teacher not having him rechecked when he was clearly showing signs of being low. This is not the first time we have had this issue with this teacher, of not checking bs when s/s of lows are preasent. OK so now that you know what happened what do you think we need to do ??? Thanks
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    Stacy, I am so glad that you were there and took care of this situation before it escalated into a real tragedy! It's definitely time for a pow wow with the teachers and administrators. Go into Momma Bear mode (which I'm pretty sure you're in right now ) and chew 'em up.

    That comment that she made him clean his desk because he seemed sleepy would have irked me to no end. DUH! He's sleepy because he's low. She obviously doesn't know the signs or doesn't get it.

    I'm sure you'll have a lot of the more experienced parents chiming in on this hot topic, because you've been through what we're all terribly afraid of.
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    That is really upsetting! Luckily you were there.

    I would call for a meeting with the teacher and the principal asap, and get your endo to write a letter again, specifically stating the dangers of leaving lows (and highs) untreated.
    I would also give them again a list of hypos and hyper symptoms and request them again to retest when unsure about a reading.
    Remind them forcefully that you could always call ADA and have them intervene.


    you could just call ADA and ask for their input.
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    I agree with the 2 other posts, you need to get this sorted & now! This is UNBELIEVABLE i could not believe what i was reading....THANKGOD you were there.

    You say this is not the first time that you have felt the need to speak up? If this is the case then personally i would go higher & get them to deal with it.

    Paula mentioned calling ADA....maybe this is a good idea?

    Please keep us posted.
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    I was livid when I read this. Something was definitely wrong and the teacher used it to punish your son. I would go into Momma Grizzly Bear Mode and give them a brief to the point education on symptoms of lows and highs and that your son is never, ever to be punished again for falling asleep but to have his blood sugars checked. By the way, I get really sleepy when I am high or low. I am just glad you were there. The teacher needs to have her brain reeducated about D. What happened to your son was totally avoidable. I would put the school on notice. (((HUGS)))

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    I would be so upset too! How is Jared feeling now? How are YOU feeling? Scary stuff huh
    I think you need to stay calm and rational and go back to the school and tell them that they stuffed up. REALLY STUFFED UP and that you aren't leaving until they have more training and they adhere to the care plan and that the teacher should apologize to you both. You need a meeting with the Principal and a letter from the Endo as Paula said, and if this teacher isn't treating your son properly ask for him to be moved.
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    It sounds like they may have checked him after the 89 to make sure he wasn't going low? The fact that procedures were not followed for the second check and the correction - man, I'd be all over that!

    Do they realize that if you had not been there they would have had a 9-1-1 situation on their hands? Let me tell you, beyond the physical trauma of a seizure, the psychological trauma of the 9-1-1 scenario can be a double whammy.

    Sounds to me like everyone involved needs to be re-educated, and his plan evaluated. Starting today.

    I am so glad you were able to be there for him, and so sorry this happened.
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    When we were in a similar situation, we called the principal directly and resolved the issue over the phone. We explained to the principal what had happened and how failing to follow agreed-upon protocols endangered the life of our son. We outlined exactly what we expected to happen in the future.

    We were fortunate in that the school nurse totally backed us up and re-educated the teacher. Apologies were issued and we never had another problem like that one again.

    However, we were prepared to take things further, but we gave the school a chance to deal with it themselves first.

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    I'm so sorry this happen to Jared, I'd be in there first thing this morning, in momma bear mode, ripping them a new one. I would demand a meeting, with all involved and some higher ups, I'd write a letter to the school board and demand some sort of disiplinary action against his teacher.. WTF was she thinking.. an 89 and then a 300 number and its OK to correct.. where the heck was her head??????? she obviously needs to be retrained.. and all policies and proceedures gone over..

    I'm so glad that you were there.. whats up with her keeping him after class to begin with, and not letting you know ahead of time.. he was giving one of the biggest signs, sleepiness, over and over again, and she ignored it and made it worse.. good grief... I don't think I would send my child back to school until she was retrained this could have turned out very very bad.. she's d@mn lucky you were there!
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    You are so lucky you were there. That is the biggest fear I have. School can be so dumb. Jason has only been dealing with this for 2 1/2 months but I need to get working on a 504 plan. I hope your son is feeling better. It really is inexscusable the way the schools act .
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