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Thread: Happy 21st Birthday to Marissa

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    Default Happy 21st Birthday to Marissa

    Nineteen years ago today, it was blisteringly hot in Washington, DC. Marissa was sick, but we didnít know why. She was ferociously thirsty, begging for water. We thought it might be the heat. Her pediatrician thought nothing of it. A couple of days later, on September 5, 1989, Marissa was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

    Today, August 31, 2008, Marissa turned 21. She has lived 19 years with type 1 diabetes.

    As parents, the diagnosis of diabetes can turn our lives upside down. We all know how the dreams and hopes we have for our kids can seem impossible in the face of the challenges of diabetes. We all know how the simple things can no longer be taken for granted. We all know how hard it can all seem.

    Today is proof that it can all work out. Today, becoming 21, Marissa is an example Ė one of many in CWD Ė of how our kids can and do live exceptionally well with diabetes. I hope that today will help you all feel a sense of optimism for all of our children with diabetes, knowing that they too can have a wonderful life.
    Jeff Hitchcock - President and Founder, CWD
    Father of Marissa (BSN, RN), now 26, married, and mother, dx'd at 24 months

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    Happy Birthday Marissa!!

    Your life truly has meaning!! I can't imagine how I/my family would be coping right now had your father not created this web site!!!
    Mom to Will dxd 7/07
    pumper of Novolog with a Blue Revel and Sure T's

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    Wow, Happy 21st birthday Marissa. It is wonderful to have such a shining example of all that our kids can be or do despite diabetes. You and your family have truly changed the world for children with diabetes and their families, thank you a million times over.

    Today is my husbands birthday too and Zeb will be having a nice big piece of cake with homemade ice cream on the side....because kids with diabetes are kids first and kids LOVE cake!

    Hope today is wonderful

    happily married to Eric
    mom of Zebulon - born 5/15/04 dx 1/16/06 pumping with Animas 1250
    Raven - 11/15/97
    Dakota - 7/1/00

    I have a dream that one day my child will be able to say "I USED to have type 1 diabetes".

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    Happy Birthday Marissa!
    Diagnosed June '05
    Pumping since Feb '06
    Animas Ping
    Dexcom Study

    My current position:

    "Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect"...Margaret Mitchell

    "Make it work"...Tim Gunn

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I hope it is a wonderful day.
    Mom to Ryan, , 15 dx'd with Type 1 D 1/23/06
    and Hunter, 6
    Dh Bill Married 19 years

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    Happy Birthday Marissa.
    Proud Mom to Adin 8 years old - dx'd @ 16 months - MDI now/Omnipod experience- Using the Dexcom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post

    Today, August 31, 2008, Marissa turned 21. She has lived 19 years with type 1 diabetes.
    Happy Birthday to Marissa!!!
    and a Happy Birthing day to Brenda , and Jeff !!

    You guys did good !! She's a great kid, oops I mean adult !!!

    mom to Allison-27-
    Daniel 25
    Jesse- 21 - dx'd 12/01, pumping since 4/03
    Pumping with a TSLIM and loving it !
    Dexcoming with a G4 and LOVING it !!

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    A very happy birthday to Marissa!!! She is an adult now!!!
    Mom to Samantha, 13, Type 1D since June '02
    Pumping with Animas Ping
    Sporadic use of Dexcom Seven Plus

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    Happy birthday!!! And thanks Jeff for responding to the challenge of your daughter's diagnosis by creating and developing this awesome site.

    Proud Dad of Amy (17), diagnosed Aug. 2006 and getting MDI of Apidra, Regular, and Lantus..
    and Sylvie (12); very happy husband of Shirla!

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    Happy, happy birthday, Marissa!!! Your birthday is 1 day after Dean's. The end of August in 1987 was very special indeed!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!
    son/26 dx'd 6/06 Pumping Novolog: Omnipod and Dex G4


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