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Thread: Did you engrave your child's Medical ID?

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    Default Did you engrave your child's Medical ID?

    If so, with what info?
    His name?
    Mom's phone number?
    Hospital info?
    Mom to Oliver (12/05) dx 8/10/08 T1D.
    Lantus and Humalog, hoping to get a pump.

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    Ours has:

    Front- His Name

    Back-Insulin dependant Diabetes
    Doctor's name
    Doctor's phone number

    He is with us all the time so I felt it would be more importrant to contact a doctor for info if something were to happen to us. Dh has ICE in his cell phone and I have info in my wallet.
    Proud Mom to Adin 8 years old - dx'd @ 16 months - MDI now/Omnipod experience- Using the Dexcom

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    My good one has
    Type 1 Diabetes
    Insulin Pump
    my name
    I also like the rubbery bracelets from The ambulance service said they would notice it. They are trained to look at everything!
    My mom mentioned a few weeks ago that she would kind of like her # on it, but i said i idnt want to pay for a new one. Later that day I ended up with a doc visit, 2 ambulance rides, and a stay in the picu. One of the ambulance nurses looked at my bracelet, read everything (even the back), then said "looks like you might need to be adding allergic to...something to that" It wasnt an allergy, but i may be needing to add the new dx now. I thought it was ironic after the convo my mom and i had earlier in the day.
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    Yup. We get them engraved at MedicAlert which is where we get ours from. It says Diabetes and then has the MedicAlert phone number and my DD's ID number.
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    I put diabetes, my home and cell numbers.

    Seth 17, dx'd at 7 (shots for most of 9+ years, has been on the Omnipod/Apidra for 1 year)

    Always always always....Trust your gut!:

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    I had silicone wristbands of a 20 colors made with
    Insulin Pump
    Phone #

    Because the Omnipod is tubeless and under DD's clothing I was especially worried pump would go undetected. So far she has had fun finding the color she wants to wear and has worn one everyday. That's a big deal with a 12 year old.

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    we put Name. type1 diabetic, 911/home number/ pedi endros name/ number

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    YES.. we got our newest one from

    It has been by far the best one.. you get 4 lines on front, 4 lines on back..

    We have on the front
    type 1
    insulin pump

    on the back
    her name
    mom's cell
    dad's cell
    endo' #

    I wanted novalog on it because when we got in our crash this summer and we where in the ER far away from home.. THE ER staff treated a high blood sugar with out even asking Allen or Me on what or how much and gave her regualar insulin instead of novalog.. and double the dose.. SO i hope this prevents that in the future.. Because on top of beign scared to death about the accident i had to call her ENDO office and find out how to fix 2x the amount of insulin given and find out how regualar works in this case vs novalog...
    Chandra mom to

    Charlize age 10DX 1-4-05, Pumping with a lime green animas ping,

    Sean age 7 non diabetic, but positive for all 3 antibodies ( iaa, gad 65 and IA2 and the HLA gene is unprotected...

    wife to Allen

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    No name for me I have a dog tag and bracelet from american acess from
    MODY 3 diabetes
    Call for allergies
    soon to be added Rheumitoid arthertis
    Medical alert number

    Good thing is with medical alert they can call and get your parents contant number and medical info fast. It has the medical alert insignia on it.

    My Road id
    has my name
    MODY 3 Diabetes
    My home number,
    My mom's name and cell phone

    Thats it for that one doesn't have all my med info on it which I don't like but at the time I got tired of feeling like I was wearing a gaint billboard deisplaying everything I have. Big important thing as your kid gets older there going to want it on the underside instead of sticking out

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    Front says: See other side.
    Back says:
    Insulin dependent diabetes (to prevent confusion)
    My cell #


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