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Thread: FFL, Who's Going?

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    Default FFL, Who's Going?

    I'm just wondering who from the forum will be at FFL. I wouldn't want to miss saying "hi" to anyone I know from here and I'm guessing it's going to be quite a crowd.
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    I wish I could raise my hand. After being unemployed for over 6 months, it's on the "wish list" for next year.
    I hope whomever goes takes LOTS of photos (hint hint)!
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    I think the heat and humidity of FL in July would seriously kill me! I wish they'd alternate it and have it at DisneyLAND, where it's not humid and there's a nice ocean breeze!

    But seriously, someday I'd like to attend. It's just so dang far away from us right now.

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    Yes, I'm really not a HEAT person, so I'm not looking forward to that part very much, but that's why nature made linen so I'll be wrinkled, but I'll be cool!
    I get the feeling that FFL, the Chatroom and the Forum are something of different populations. I just hope there are some familiar "faces"
    Mom to DD now 16, dx @4
    Cozmo pumper @6
    Minimed pumper @13
    G4 @ 15

    "Happy Birthday, Dr. Banting! Now... let's eat cake! Because, we CAN!" - MCS

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    Look for


    Two older non diabetic kids. Two younger w T1.
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    We are!!!!! Hannah is 9 and just dx in February. So, timing is perfect. She still has not met another child with diabetes.... she is counting the days!

    BTW - my guess is most people will be wearing sweaters in the hotels. It is usually freezing in hotel meeting rooms!! It is very hot here, we are skipping the theme park since we can do it in the cooler months. But, I do think that will be the only miserable day. Everything else is basically in doors and the pools are great I am sure!

    We are lucky, it is only an hour and a half drive for us. We would love an excuse to go to Disneyland though!! ))) Would need advanced notice to save up, but we would definetly be up for it.
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    We are going!!!!!! Allison was just diagnosed in December and is looking forward to meeting other kids with D. We are getting very excited. I hope to be able to meet up with other "forum" people.
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    We're going! This will be our fourth FFL and I must say I would give up a lot of things but not FFL. I wish all of you could know the feeling of being able to turn your kid over to someone else's care and know they are even more safe than they are in yours. The kids have an absolute blast and we all learn so much.

    If you want/need support for emotional or phychological issues, they have that. If you want to find out about the latest research going on, you can go and talk to those actually doing it. If you want to see, feel, even try out the latest gadgets, all the manufacturers are there.

    Every single food item is clearly labeled with portion size and carb counts. And something near and dear to my heart, they have gluten free food tables where they post someone to shoo away anyone without CD who might cross contaminate the buffet items. Now that's going the extra mile!

    If you don't like the heat, just don't go to the park. We're passing it up this time because we went earlier this spring. There's nothing to say you can't go to a different park such as Disney Quest or Epcot or any of the other fun places nearby with air conditioning.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you who are going this year and hopefully a lot more of you will be able to come next time.

    Would anyone like to get together Friday afternoon after the last session for a forum meet up?

    Mary Catherine

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    We're going! Chase is very excited. I am taking him and my daughter down a little early to visit Grammy and Grampy. He is so cute telling people he is going to Florida. He uses the word conference and he is going to meet kids with diabetes.

    This will be our first FFL.
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