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Thread: sonic slushy

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    Quote Originally Posted by momofsingingdiabetic View Post
    Someone posted awhile back, that while the syrup for the slushie it SF, some of the slushie mix might not be. Could be the reason for the spike?
    The slushy mix is SUGAR and ice! We found out the hard way. And we asked and questioned several times before one of the more senior employees told us there is sugar in the mix.

    For example, a small Powerade drink has 24 carbs, the small Powerade SLUSH has 53.

    Here's a link to their nutrition info: Sonic

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredntan2 View Post
    So you guys have had the diet cherry slushy without this kind of spike????
    She had half of med slushy couple of weeks ago without troubles.
    Looks like I'm going to have to call manager on this.
    I have heard of checking for glucose with the urine strips, and I used to have some but I think they expired.
    We have had the diet cherry slushie with little problems. Our local children's' theater had a children's play this afternoon, after the play we went to Sonic and Caleb got a slushie. He was 106 before, bolused for 5 carbs and he was 113 and hour later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I wish we had a sonic here so I could get sugar free slushy, and cherry-limeaids, and corn dogs, and tater tots...boy, I MISS sonic!
    Are Sonic's that good??? We have them here and I've never been there...

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    There is no such thing as a diet slushee at Sonic. Sorry. It is stupid that they offer them as diet, but as Grace said the mix has sugar in it. We also found out the hard way ... twice.
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    hum i just had a Diet Limeaid from sonic this afternoon and didn't have any problem.
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    the limeaides aredifferent.
    I think they are made of
    diet sprite,
    ice and sugar free cherry syrup-if you get the cherry
    could probably make these at home. just get the diet cherry syrup for snow cones-i've seen this at walmart.

    but others have had the "diet" slushy without problems? she had 1/2 of mine the first time without troubles like this. I'm jsut glad we didn't have anything important going on that afternoon. she feels like crap at 430.
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    lemonades must be made differently than limeades then, because my daughter had one a couple of weeks ago at her dad's house and she was "hi". Either that or they gave her a regular instead of diet, which very well could've happened.
    Mom to Samantha, 13, Type 1D since June '02
    Pumping with Animas Ping
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adinsmom View Post
    I miss Sonic too.
    Count me in too about Missing Sonic. I get to go to one maybe once or twice a year when I go see my Sister and her Husband in Virginia
    I am Laura... 27 yrs old dx'd in Febuary 1995, Pumping Since Feb 2002

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    I wish sonic had sugar free slushes. We went yesterday and I asked them, usally I get me and Luke diet lime-ades, they said they do not have sugar free syrup to make them with. I guess some sonics are different.

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