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Thread: Misplaced our primary meter today

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    Default Misplaced our primary meter today

    Ugh - so frustrated with hubby today.

    I was collecting funds for JDRF at a table while he had kid duty today, getting them to various games, piano rehearsal, fed, etc.

    I met him at our last soccer game. He said he has just checked Emma - she was running around a lot so I wanted to make sure she didn't go low - but it was quite warm so I wanted to make sure she didn't go high.

    Hubby went to check her at halftime and couldn't find the meter. Looked everywhere, went back to car. It was gone.

    I was frustrated mainly because I was uncomfortable that I couldn't know what she was.

    I have an idea where it is right now - I'm involved with the soccer league, so I was able to get in touch with the coach of the previous game. He thinks one of his parents found it and gave it to the referee. So now I have an email in to the referee organizer to help identify who that was and hopefully we'll get it back - it was an adult so at least I think he'll be responsible with it.

    But I was frustrated that he laid it down in the grass instead of putting it back in the backpack so that someone else could pick it up. And I was frustrated that I couldn't know what her reading one. And I was frustrated that I had to come home and set up a new meter and pull out a different kind of lancing device to take her reading.

    Thankfully she was 120 when we got home!
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    Wow, I don't know what I'd do if the METER was missing!!!!!!!! I's like an appendage, kwim?????

    Dh is only human.......just like mine who took Nick for a walk in the field (LONG walk) with NO supplies and NO idea what his current bg was, ugh!
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    I keep a one touch ultra slim in my purse at all times...

    call the company, they will send you out one (even in your color of choice, pink) and it comes with a vial of strips and a tiny *****. Or you can purchase it at wallyworld for about 19.00. worth your piece of mind, my purse, is like my third arm, never go anywhere without it.
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    I have one of those in the car too. But, unfortunately my backup lancet was in my primary meter case!! And I robbed the strips from it when I ran out a few weeks back.

    So, it wasn't a very useful backup meter.

    I will be restocking that meter so that it is always usable ASAP!
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    Emma - 8 (2/16/05 dx 3/07, dx Celiac 1/10) - Pumping with a Pink Animas Ping!
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    Ok, I have tons of meters and lancers, so which one is yours on either and if I have an extra of that I can send it out.

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    In our paper today was a $20 off coupon for a one touch...basically free.

    We have tons of meters lying around. LOL
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    I misplaced Kats meter yesterday for like 6 hours and was at my wits end when my 12 yr old daughter found it on the dryer (evidently i took it there with me while carrying laundry---I dont know why?)
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