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Thread: The Straw Broke the Camel's Back

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    Default The Straw Broke the Camel's Back it happened. I am firing Aidan's endo. As some of you know I have not been happy there for some time but today was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    We have been trying to get the script signed for Aidan to get a CGMS. We knew that we were going to meet some resistance but didn't expect the answer we got. We have been trying to get our answer for 2 weeks and today we got it. The nurse called and told DH, I can't believe that I actually have to write this, that

    "The only way Dr. ____ will sign that script is if Aidan is pregnant"


    Can you believe it? Of course my DH FLIPPED out, I mean he is a type 1 d himself so....when he called and told me I couldn't believe my ears I made him repeat it to me like 10 times. Apparently the Dr. thinks that is the only time a CGMS is useful, the nurse said. Well since Aidan is a 8 year old BOY I guess that is never going to happen....the pregnancy nor the CGMS.

    Anyway I already called the new endo....explained everything to them, advised them that Aidan see Gary Scheiner to manage BG, they were like great, we love Gary and work with him all the time! I asked for the 1st available appointment and they said of course, Monday, April 21st @ 3pm.

    My jaw just about hit the floor. I called in Feb for Aidan's next appt. at his current endo (he was due to go in May) the earliest they could give me was July 29th????????? He has been their patient for 7 years?

    Today was just the absolute final blow. It is time to get out and do what is best for Aidan, and stop trying to nurse along a relationship with current endo after that kind of treatment.

    DH just informed me that he didn't tell them that we were leaving but that he wanted to speak with our endo directly to discuss the matter further. So when he calls DH back on Monday...........DH is giving him his pink unemployment......just his walking papers!!!!
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    im sorry but that is the lamest excuse i have ever heard but it sounds like the new endo will be a great change for you

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    Good choice.

    That is appalling. I hope the new endo is a good fit for you guys.
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    I have to say I would have flipped OUT to. .. (sitting here shaking head)

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

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    After a L-O-N-G time of being less than happy with our endo we finally switched and I've got to say it's a really, really, powerful feeling to cut ties and move on.

    Our relationship with out endo's is really complex. We rely on them and yet we often know more about D and certainly about our individual child's D than they do. But they have the "power" as the gatekeepers to equipment and prescriptions and it's a very delicate balance of skill and ego and responsibility and knowledge. And when that balance is out of whack, it just feels awful.

    I'm glad you are moving on, I hope you land somewhere great!
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    yep...... can him.
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    So, when you go to find a new endo, what types of questions do you ask? How do you know this one will be one that will work with your child? We were just handed to an endo practice when Alex was dx. And they are the only pediatric endos in town. But he'll be 18 soon and going to college. But I'm not sure how to find 'the best' endo for him.
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    I am glad you will be working with Gary Scheiner. He is great. I had the opportunity to meet with him at the Focus on Pumping Conference in Seattle recently. As to your former Endo, you can tell him for me.

    YOU ARE FIRED !!! Your husband can print this and send it to your former Endo. Of course you can always make a bigger one.

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    Just wondering if you could contact ADA and see if there's a way to 'report' this endo...I mean, he's supposed to be looking out for the health of his patients, right? And a cgms is certainly an 'improved' way of doing this, so 'technically' the endo is not fulfilling his end of the I think he could be reported...may be a harsh way of doing things, but I'm sure anyother parent in your shoes will get the same lame excuse if they request a cgms...just a thought.

    BTW, glad you got the nerve to change endos...I wish you success with the new one!

    Plus, wtf is that for an excuse That's belitlling your intelligence IMHO

    Good luck!
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    Oh my gosh, this has to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard in my life!! good for you for firing him.


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