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Thread: Where are all the dads?

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    Default Where are all the dads?

    I have been following this forum over the past few months I have made an astounding realization - I am one of the very few dads in this forum! It is overwhelmingly moms!

    Where on earth are all the other dads??? Hellooo???

    Please do not misunderstand me, this is not about the battle of sexes, its about the cooperation of sexes for a common good! I refuse to believe that dads are less concerned with the D-care of their kids than moms are!
    Father of Nephele (13, dx'd on November 14 2007, World Diabetes Day - doing well on MDI) and Constantine (7).

    "It is not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance" (Epicurus)

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    This message board is very active and it is very time consuming to keep up with the conversations. I would imagine that there are men who read through some messages, but don't make any postings.
    Mom to a young adult Animas Ping pumper and DexCom G4 user. 2nd year college student, now living in a co-op house. Dx'd over 16 years ago at 3 years old.

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    Default Hi

    I'm in Brazil, South America, and I'm father of a 4 yo son, Fernando.
    He´s pumping since december, on MM722, and using the sensor since last saturday. It's been amazing!
    It's just like Amy said. I use to read the posts almost everyday. Today I'm working home and I have some time to reply.
    So, don't feel alone. Of course there must be other dads worried about D-care. Maybe, like me, they really have no time to post.
    But believe me, I share all the fears, doubts and happy moments with you in this forum.

    Thanks to you all.
    Nelson & Telma Hanazumi
    Parents of Fernando - 4years old - T1 since 2004
    São Paulo - Brasil

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    I'm here and pretty active on the boards. Don't really know if anybody listens to what I say though ??? But if I can help at least 1 person while I'm here, it's all worth it. I don't usually seek help, but when I do, I am so happy that people are responsive and are a real help.
    Tim - Emma'sDad

    Emma is 10 years old. DXed Aug'05.
    Levemir, NovoRapid, One Touch Ultra-Smart, Freestyle Insulinx?

    Zoe born Aug 2007. Non-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
    I refuse to believe that dads are less concerned with the D-care of their kids than moms are!
    My DH would be the exception to prove that rule, then.

    He's at his job. This is my job.

    Becky Aussi L'Autre
    Just takin' it all in.
    -T1 Dx 5/2/06 at age 13
    (MDI) CGM - G4 5/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
    I refuse to believe that dads are less concerned with the D-care of their kids than moms are!
    Hi Pavlos,
    I don't think there are as many dads that post here as moms. However, the fathers that do post here are really intelligent, and give some great information in their posts. You're one of those fathers as well. Wilf, Saxmaniac, "Jacob's Dad" are just a few that come to mind. I really look forward to their posts and they add a lot to the forum. If I'm forgettng someone, I don't mean to, all the dad's are great!!

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    I have never posted before. However I have been here almost everyday, since my son's dx on 11/5/07. I just recently registered so I could post.

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    it would be nice to see more dads, counting my DH. he is too busy working and trying to pay the bills. and leaves that all up to me.
    ]Proud parent of Shannon diagnosed 8/30/06 at age 7 -humolog & lantus and of Tanya (23) Megan (21) and Chris (19) and a proud Grandparent of Gabriella, seen here with my shannon.

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    My husband is in India right now, he's gone for six weeks at a time (works offshore for oil companies), so I'm the one handling most of the care

    Alison, mama to Tony (6 years old), diagnosed 5/10/07 at 20 months old on MDI, lantus and novolog. He also has hypotonia and developmental delays
    Gemma Lynn 9/04/08-tested for trialnet 8/10 results negative

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    We're busy watching NASCAR.
    Type 1 Diabetic since 2001. Minimed 722 with Novolog and CGMS.

    Dad of Emma, age 9, diagnosed at 9 months pumping with MM REVEL CGMS and Novolog. She also has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Glomerular Nephritis, Multiple-Autoimmune Complex, along with lots of other stuff that makes doctors shrug and say "I dunno."

    Brenden, aka "Rhino" age 14. Starting tailback for Clovis Freshman Academy (had to say it).

    Husband of Emmasmom.


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