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Jul 15, 2014
Aug 31, 2008
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Mar 5, 1981 (Age: 40)
DeKalb, Illinois

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Jul 15, 2014
    1. danismom79
      Hey, haven't seen you around. How are you and Zoe doing?
    2. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Hey, just wondering how you and Zoe are holidng up.
    3. Christopher
      Hope you have a great holiday season :)
    4. Jordansmom
      Just wanted to say hi. I don't see you post very often anymore and I always enjoyed your messages. Happy Holidays. I hope all is well with Zoe.
    5. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I just finished my fall classes and was wondering if your classes are also ending and also wondering if sometime in December you and Zoe might be in the Chicago area.
    6. TheFormerLantusFiend
      "you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything" is by aaron tippin. You have it by anonymous- did he pick up on an existing aphorism?
    7. Rusty
      Hello Jessi,
      Thank you for you kind comments. Nice to hear from another single parnet of a child with diabtes as i dont think there is very many of us. We both understand how hard it can be at time, We both also understand what it is that keeps us going everyday. Even though it can be tough we look forward to each and everyday. There is a special love and bond unlike anything i have ever felt in my life.

      God bless you.
    8. Christopher
      Birthday party was fun...it was a long day, and night but she had a great time and that is the most important thing. :)
    9. Christopher
      Just popping in to say hi, hope you are doing OK. :)
    10. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      Hi there very long day. I did not know there would be so many people at the 504 meeting today. Thoover said her school was pretty simple with agreeing to all she had on there. My school is giving me a hard time on some of the basics like keeping juice box in each classroom. I hope that by the time Zoe goes to school you won't have a hard time. Its tough but it gets easier. Nice to hear from you. Take care and I will touch base 2moro!!!!!!

      Ethan's pump battery decided to go off in the middle of the night last night. No extra batteries either I was checking everywhere I could think of....... soooooooo tired ttyl.....
    11. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      How are you coping with things?????
    12. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      Im friends with Thoover who also lives in Laurel, Maryland. Met her and her daughter Brittany at our endocrinologists a year ago. Was having trouble at school and she told me about the 504 plan. Do you have one at your school????
    13. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      You think your'e all alone and then you find a website like this. It's great!!!!!!!!!!
    14. BozziesMom
      I put up a good front. I'm absolutely clueless! lol. Well it's more like, once I think I "get" it, it all changes.
    15. BozziesMom
      Thanks! I don't know that I've really been much help. But I do want to see you get her insulin straight. I know how frustrating it is!
    16. buggle
      I wish I knew more to help. I'm pretty much a newbie too. This place has saved my sanity. You'll learn so much here, so I'm glad you found CWD. You're doing great, so just keep going the way you are. Before too long, you'll have a feel for all of this. It's so much to try absorb and learn and the pressure is just immense.
    17. danismom79
      I'm glad I could be of help. Hopefully Wilf will chime in.
    18. hawkeyegirl
      I'm glad she's doing well. Jack was a bit of a stinker about finger pokes and shots at first (well, he never got used to shots), but I can't say as I blame him. They hurt!

      We are very, very happy with Dr. Carrion. He has let us progress at our own pace, and has been very supportive of the decisions we've made. (For instance, after our first A1c veinous blood draw, I told him that I wanted to use a home A1c test from now on, and he was fine with that. The home tests just use a drop of blood from a finger poke. I was prepared to go to the mat on that, but he didn't bat an eye.)

      We have also developed a really good relationship with Kristina, his dietician. She is also the pump trainer, so if you're at all interested in pumping, I'd try to make your regular appointments on Wednesdays when she is there. I think she's the one who tells Dr. Carrion if she thinks parents are ready to move to the pump, so it's good to get to know her.

      Jack's life has become so much "normal" since we started pumping. He just hated shots so much, and they were hard for my parents (who watch him while I work) to do. Jack starts preschool next week, and while I'm not sure they would have been willing to give shots, they are cool with the pump. I'm not trying to push you into anything - I think it's important to "master" shots first, but it's definitely something to consider.

      I have my moments where it all just seems too much, but then I bounce back. It does get a lot better as time goes on. I remember those first few weeks just walking around in a fog. These days, I'm more matter-of-fact about it. It's still a big part of our lives, but it's a more normal part of our lives now, if that makes any sense.

      Anyway, I'm so glad you've joined the board! Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I can do for you.

    19. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Thanks, that's very much appropriate. I'm celebrating three things: coming back from the almost death that was DKA (my father says my first hour on insulin was like watching an inanimate object come to life, that's how lifeless I'd seemed before), making it two years of relatively good health and taking good care of myself, and membership in the diabetes community.
    20. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I live on the north side of Chicago, in the Rogers Park neighborhood, and I'm a senior at DePaul University. I think that as far as your daughter is concerned, the drive all the way to Chicago might not be worth it just to meet me; I'm 19 years old (soon 20) and it's me who has diabetes, not a kid of mine. I spent a few days in Rockford in July with some friends, so I know that it's not that far from Chicago- there's a bus leaving hourly from O'Hare.
      I have so far met two people from this forum. One was because of the Social Group; my 6 year old brother and I went to Brookfield Zoo with a family and it was fun because my brother was close enough in age to the diabetic kid, and I have diabetes, so it worked. And I went to another member's house, who lives just a few miles from me, where both she and her son have diabetes, and that was fun too.
      P.S. Just remembered- I also met a member who is politically active for diabetic students' rights in Illinois. I'm meeting her and her diabetic daughter in a week.
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    Mar 5, 1981 (Age: 40)
    DeKalb, Illinois
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    One child
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    Single mom, speech-language pathology graduate student, below knee amputee

    Mom to "Princess" :rolleyes: Zoe (3/10/04), dx T1 7/30/08
    MDI Lantus/Novolog
    Future stepmom to:
    Amber, 21
    Emily, 18
    Zak, 16
    Shelbie, 15
    All non-D

    "Stand for something, or fall for anything." - Aaron Tippin


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