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Jun 10, 2013
Apr 4, 2007
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Cereal City, Michigan
Domestic Goddess, part time retail

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Jun 10, 2013
    1. Barbzzz
      Iana, that's really sweet of you to volunteer your friends. I am not sure whether or not I can get the glucose tabs here; I'll have to go to the "big" pharmacy and find out if they carry it. In the interim, will try to find some "reasonable" substitute for emergencies. So, this is what I've got to look forward to, huh? ;-)

    2. Barbzzz
      Hi, Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Our broadband went out for two days over the weekend -- here, despite the canned message, "your call is important to us, so please stay on the line," you know that the Ghanaian phone company workers are NOT working. So waited till yesterday before we could get on the net again.

      We live in Tema, which is not far from the capital Accra. Kumasi is about a 3 hour drive away. We visited there last year. Nice, but soooo congested! Taxis every where you look.
    3. pookas
      Iana, your girls are sooo precious!
    4. StillMamamia
      Your girls are beautiful!!!
    5. Midwestmomma
      Hope you are having a good day today....:)
    6. Midwestmomma
      Hi Iana...Trial is going good...he has figured this pump out all ready..Site change tomorrow...UGH...hope we do OK. How are you guys doing?
    7. Mama2H
      You ROCK! I love reading your posts :D I just wish we could be all "beamed up" to the same place so we could all be there for each other in person :(
    8. dbz2988
      Your girls are adorable!
    9. Mama Belle
      Mama Belle
      Man, your girls are goooooorrrgeous!
    10. Heather(CA)
      She's doing pretty good, I did go last night, my friend needed me and didn't care that I had been sick, I was VERY careful. She's in class right now, so she will probably call me later. Thanks for asking, she got goosebumps when I told her how much everyone cared :) I did give more of a play by play in the Heather(CA) how's your friend doing thread if you want to check it out...
    11. yeswe'rebothD
      thanks everyone!
    12. usbornetheresa
      Great Pictures!!
    13. CJ's Mom
      CJ's Mom
      Awww, the girls are precious!
    14. Lee
      He's doing ok - we get good news and then bad news and then good new and then bad...it is like one big really terrifying roller coaster ride! Thank you for asking!
    15. Lee
      Your girls are sssooo cute!
    16. Midwestmomma
      Hiya, thanks for being my friend...:)
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    Cereal City, Michigan
    Domestic Goddess, part time retail
    Who has diabetes?:
    Parent and one child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    Iana (dx 6-91), mom to Grace (dx 12-3-05) and Mercy

    crafting, cooking & baking, IM


    Iana~T1 dxd 6-91 pumping with new clear MM722, mom to
    10yo Grace~T1 dxd 12.3.05, pumping MM 522
    A1c 8.4% in 07.09 :eek:
    7yo Mercy~A1c 5.6, No Antibodies at testing 07.16.08

    Married to Tom (BigT)~T2 dxd 10.07, currently no meds after bariatric surgery in May 2010, 120 lb lost!

    My step-kids, both non-D:
    10yo Alexander
    5yo Hannah

    My last A1c~8.9% on 10.18.10 :mad: this WILL get better! :)

    "Life may not be the party we hoped for.... but while we are here we might as well dance!"
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