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Jun 10, 2013
Apr 4, 2007
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Cereal City, Michigan
Domestic Goddess, part time retail

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Jun 10, 2013
    1. redcurls3
      Hi Iana. We are doing well here. Both kids are on glyburide and A1c's are perfect at 5.5 for Andy and 5.6 for Katie. Couldn't ask for anything more. I try not to let the multiple developmental diagnoses on Andy get me down. I have to keep reminding myself that at least we don't have to deal with insulin injections or the pump any more. Hopefully he will get better some day. At least Katie is developing on track so far because we started her meds so early. Hope you and your family are doing well and having a great summer.
    2. RobertD
      HEY K-ZOO!!Good 2 see that ather's a "social group" in the great stste of Michigan. I live in Ferndale, kind of a disance from you( about 2 houirs driving) I wouls enjoy hearing from anybody, about OUR condition or not. Bob
    3. MelStan
      Happy Birthday Iana!! :) Hope you have a great day! :cwds:
    4. twodoor2
      Hi Iana,
      We're doing well, thank you for asking. Hope all is well with you!
    5. Barbzzz
      Iana, great new pix! And amazing tat!!!
    6. Momof4gr8kids
      Hey Girl, How are things going?
    7. buggle
      Haven't seen you around much, lately. I hope you're doing ok. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.
    8. StillMamamia
      Hey you :) Been missing you! Have a great 2009!
    9. Abby-Dabby-Doo
      Attention all CWD registered users & guests!
      We are trying to break a record with THE MOST USERS ON-LINE AT ONE TIME. The current record was set on January 1, 2006 with 551 users on-line.
      We are trying to break this record on JANUARY 1, 2009 at 3pm (New York) time. Please come join us!
      3pm Eastern
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      Please check my conversion time in other countries (just in case I’m wrong)This is what 3pm Eastern Time is in just about every time zone:

    10. Momof4gr8kids
      Hey Iana, Glad you and the girls are doing ok. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING. Hope to talk to you soon!
    11. Tricia22
      Hey Iana... just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and the girls lots lately, and hoping you're all doing okay... you know I'm here and only a PM away if you ever need to talk...
    12. yeswe'rebothD
      Just want to let everyone know that the girls and I are doing well, in a safe place and I'm getting things started. It'll be a long road I know, but worth all our sanity in the end. Thanks to all for checking in on us! :cwds:
    13. hrtmom3
      Iana, did you figure out what was wrong with the computer? Was it the router? Oh, how frustrating it is when the computer is not working right.
      I've been thinking about you and girls, hope you are doing ok.
    14. MelStan
      Great to hear Iana! Glad you got your computer up and running ;-) I hope things are going ok for you..:-) Catch you soon!
    15. MelStan
      Hi there :cwds: How are you doing? We had a lovely 25 last night (442 ish?) Bad site..:mad:
    16. Armyemily
      THANKS!!!! Yes i did get the cupon and got a new one touch ultra smart... thanks again
    17. Tricia22
      Hey... got the replacement pump Thursday morning... worked that night instead.... called the Doc for an appt. Friday about the sinus issues, and they put me on a full 14 day course of treatment saying my doc had hoped 5 days or the super mega dose would fix me up since I'm "young and healthy", but since it didn't work... they put me on 14 days of the same antibiotic (supposedly the best one for sinus infections) and a lower dose... fun fun.....
    18. StillMamamia
      Come check out my pics :)
    19. Caydens_Mommy
      Things have defintately been crazy here.. We should close on the house September 3rd, but may be able to move in before that, so still kinda up in the air.. Thanks for asking.. How are you guys doing?
    20. StillMamamia
      Awesome news on insurance starting soon. I hope everything settles soon :)
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    Cereal City, Michigan
    Domestic Goddess, part time retail
    Who has diabetes?:
    Parent and one child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    Iana (dx 6-91), mom to Grace (dx 12-3-05) and Mercy

    crafting, cooking & baking, IM


    Iana~T1 dxd 6-91 pumping with new clear MM722, mom to
    10yo Grace~T1 dxd 12.3.05, pumping MM 522
    A1c 8.4% in 07.09 :eek:
    7yo Mercy~A1c 5.6, No Antibodies at testing 07.16.08

    Married to Tom (BigT)~T2 dxd 10.07, currently no meds after bariatric surgery in May 2010, 120 lb lost!

    My step-kids, both non-D:
    10yo Alexander
    5yo Hannah

    My last A1c~8.9% on 10.18.10 :mad: this WILL get better! :)

    "Life may not be the party we hoped for.... but while we are here we might as well dance!"
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