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Aug 25, 2011
    1. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Tuff, I don't want to comment on the thread. Rates of kidney failure in type 1s who are diagnosed young (4 counts) are close to (but not at) 0%, which is way lower than those who are diagnosed, at, say 14.
      But other complications can and do develop in teenagers who are diagnosed as young children. I know a few people who began to lose their vision as teens, and there was a very vocal woman on the diabetes community in the last few years whose son developed painful diabetic neuropathy at age 7.
      Most complications can begin to show up pretty early but develop over a period of many years. People almost never die of long term complications of diabetes before their mid 20s.
      There was at one point some medical debate about whether young children develop complications but studies on the topic are conclusive. Complications can and do begin to develop in children.
    2. KatieJane'smom
      I can't say anything but THANK YOU!! You understood and I appreciate it.
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    Son dx 09/17/2004 at age 4 type 1 diabetes
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