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Dec 18, 2014
Sep 10, 2006
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Dec 18, 2014
    1. TerpSteph
      You asked about my board name and whether I was an interpreter. The answer.....nope! My name is Stephanie and I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland. I actually teach preschool. Go Terps!
    2. MReinhardt
      Chell says "Thanks for the letter" she really enjoyed reading it. Poor thing has been very tired lately. Even a trip out makes her exhausted. Thanks for boosting spirits, she needs that.
    3. Danda
      I'm so sorry I miss your offer on Friday the 12... I'm having some computer problems and I'm not much online. For us, any day after 5pm is OK, because Hannah is having nap time 1-3 pm. Maybe we can meet the week after Rosh HaShanah.
    4. Danielle2008
      Hey, Thank you so much for the information on the Novopen JR! The information was great, and very helpful. Thanks again!
    5. CJ's Mom
      CJ's Mom
      Tag butterflies? Heck, I barley have time to take care of 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies, and 1 bird. I have 2 butterfly bushes in the back yard, it's nothing to have 40-50 butterflies back there at a time. Really cool. CJ is known to spray paint the toads purple though, guess that could count as tagging.:D
    6. GabriellasMom
      Thank you so much! We'll try changing her weekend Lantus and hopefully see results with that!
    7. ROVERT81402
      Thanks :) The National race actually was canceled because of rain, but we took Trevor up to a track in MI to race. There weren't any other "small" bikes there, but he got to race with the big boys :) I was quite nervous, but he LOVED it.
    8. Danda
      I want you to know I always admire that from day one you took responsability for your care. Thank you for letting me know. I will like to meet you too. And I think Hannah will like it too. We live near Fairview School in Skokie.
    9. Adinsmom
      LOL. That's funny. Please share all your corny jokes.

      Thank you that made my day. I am going to tell me kids your's tomorrow.
    10. BozziesMom
      Wow! Well thank you for sharing. What a confusing mess that must have been. I too thought I was being alarmist when the symptoms matched diabetes. I mean who expects something so major?

      Btw - I would have started college at 16 too if my mother and I could have agreed on a major. lol. Of course, she wanted me to be a doctor... a podiatrist even because I have a weak stomach. I don't much like feet either frankly. In hindsight... I should have been a doctor... of endocrinology. I didn't darken the doors of a university until I was almost 29.
    11. Adinsmom
      :) Why? :)
    12. zoesmama
      Awww, it's your diaversary today? Is it appropriate for me to say Happy Diaversary?!

      If we ever venture to the city I'll let you know, otherwise if you ever feel like venturing out in this direction, please let us know!
    13. zoesmama
      First of all-- thanks so much for the advice! It's truly very much appreciated! I just posted on the thread that I started earlier that my daughter does, in fact, prefer the pen. So maybe I'll just try the longer needles. :)

      AND-- thanks for the advice about the social groups! I probably wouldn't have figured that out, at least not for a while. We are, indeed, getting services in Rockford, so your tip about hawkeyegirl is great! If you're willing to make the trip to DeKalb/Rockford, we'd love to meet up with you! Alternately, where are you located? Perhaps we could come there. And don't worry, I know EXACTLY what you mean about getting busy with college classes-- I'm a graduate student myself. :) Keep in touch when you have a free moment, and thanks again! :)
    14. MyAngelEmma
      Just wanted to say I so much enjoyed your post on "Peace with Diabetes". It was very helpful and an inspiration to me. (I wish I could give you positive rep for this one, but that system is gone now.) Thank you for sharing ...your a great guy! I bet your parents are super proud of you!
    15. StillMamamia
      Happy Diaversary :D
    16. MyAngelEmma

      I enjoyed your picture albums! Your little brother is so adorable...you and the others are not too bad either! LOL Thanks so much for all you do to contribute to this forum. You are one of my favorite posters!
    17. andeefig
      great point! (about the gender/adoption thing) Hey, at this point,we'll take anything! :)
    18. lisab
      Thanks for the message. - Yes we did celebrate - it was the first year we have consiously acknowledged the date of dx. We went out to dinner as a family and told Yasmine that we were celebrating 3 years of her Bravery!! Her choice -'Pizza Hut" -buffet meal - Couldn't wipe the smile of her beautiful little face! Priceless!!!
    19. TracieandJim
      LOL. Thanks! Tonight it was honey for a peanut butter cookie. :)
    20. Omo2three
      Hi thanks for replying it was very helpful :)
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    Who has diabetes?:
    I do (type 1)
    Does your family have celiac?:
    Jewish, autistic, diabetic. Want to meet people IRL.

    I'm very interested in disabilities rights. I like to play football, soccer, chess.


    dx age 17, now 25
    on Lantus for 7 years; on minimed 530 G since 12/7/13
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