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Dec 18, 2014
Sep 10, 2006
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Dec 18, 2014
    1. KitKat
      No we leave 45 minutes from Louisville KY but my brother lives in Chicago
    2. lynn
      You are very kind to offer help. Yes, I do occasionally bribe my 14 year old to stay up and check Nathan so I can go to bed earlier. That way I just have the overnight check or two.
    3. fredntan2
      Pumpkins my little sweetie. I'll have to get dd to put some pics of him on lolcat. he's so amazing-fascinated by water, curious about every-thing(he was just trying to steal my coffee)
    4. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks for the request.
      I hope the insulin and food part will get easier, I'm sure each age has it's own ups and downs. Right now every little carb or 1/4 unit makes such a difference. And with her growing, you worry about how it all affects her growth and also the way she sees the world. I do think for older kids who can get it, there is a "we're in this together" vibe that can develop. I don't know what her little brain is thinking, though, when I give her a shot. Every once in a while I remind myself by sticking the needle in my own leg, testing with the multiclix on 5 (toes take no less for her), etc., and by golly it hurts! But, of course, there's no choice there so we'll get through.
    5. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      It's part of why I read some of your posts with interest, the social stuff with your take on your studies. I don't want her to be defined by her diabetes, like when folks refuse a cure when it comes up because their identity is so wrapped up in this aspect of themselves. However, I also don't want her to think of it as something outside herself or a tack on. You had one post on it once, can't remember the specifics, but it was kind of a third way where it seemed to kind of look at everything about the human person differently. It wasn't so much a way of viewing disabilities as a way of viewing persons. Interesting.

      I'd just starting reading about the liver aspects of all this with the stillmamamia post on ketones, I didn't realize different people have different storage capacities, etc. It is amazing what they know and what they don't know. I'll keep looking into it.
    6. NickLightning#94
      Against my will but yea she did. Thanks.
    7. Omo2three
      Happy Holidays to you!
    8. Ellen
      Is it true that persons with type 2 have presence of c-peptide but develop complications anyway? And persons with type 1 likely have no presence of c-peptide whatsoever and never develop complications?
    9. shirley83006
    10. twolittleladybugs
      I just noticed this message. We think that my daughter's reactions are more an irritation than a full-out reaction. She has no complaints of itchiness or redness while it's on, just after we take it off. When she was little, she got hives from friction on her skin (her dad tickling her) and I think it's related to that; us ripping the adhesive off. We started using a barrier wipe and adhesive remover, plus using non-latex bandaids in case she's developing a latex allergy, and she's doing a lot better. After we take off the sensor, we put her Rx cream on for a few days. We can't put the cream on first or nothing will stick. So far, so good. It's only been a little over a month so we're still learning.
    11. SouthD
      Sorry it is taking so long for me to reply but I just got a new job! I am currently teaching 4th grade. My school is very supportive of the fact that I wear a pump and need to graze through the day. Could you possibly get a 504 plan where you are? That would make sure you get accomodations and are able to eat if they will not be supportive of your needs.
    12. NoName
      I really do hope you looking into it! :) And thanks for telling me! Do you think they would mind if I sent them a message?!
    13. NoName
      Hi! I'll be glad to answer any question you have about it! Well basically, I worked at a child care, it was directed towards Diabetic kids, but somehow we ended up with 4 Diabetic kids in there. There was one little girl in particular, ((Ella, the one I mentioned)), and I was friends with her mother. Well, her mother had some.. well.. let's just say legal issues, that made it to where the state ended up taking Ella. I have connections with the city I live in, mainly because of my dad and where he works. Basically, I did everything necessary to get Ella, I loved her to death in the child care. I'm doing the foster care thing alone at the moment. I didn't ask for a kid with Diabetes, as I stated in my story, it just.. happened. They took into account that I had experience with handling Diabetes and such, so that helped a bit, and basically, I mean, you could look into foster care, as long as you're comfortable and think you're healthy enough to handle a child. Look into it, trust me, you will not regret it, you will feel so amazing, knowing that you helped give a child a home. :) I will never regret fighting to get Ella. Good luck! And I'll be here if you have anymore questions! :)
    14. Madisonsmom
      Thank you so much.
      Yes we have ordered a pump the Animas Ping in Pink should be her tomorrow so Madison is thrilled.
    15. Jordansmom
      I should probably ask you the toe question directly. Don't you post about testing your toes? Is it as accurate and up to the minute as fingers?
    16. zoesmama
      I don't know- but I will change my signature so that it's properly cited (to our knowledge, at least). :)
    17. Jordansmom
      Thanks. I'll do that. I may have an accucheck meter in the box of freebies she got at camp. Maybe there's a multiclix in with it.
    18. Danda
      21st of October around 4 PM will be OK, if is not raining. The playground is on the south side of Fairview school. I suppose you know the Yeshiva on Touhy/Carpenter. Fairview school is on Laramie(7040 Laramie Ave Skokie, IL 60077, one block before Carpenter coming from east on Touhy), right behind the Yeshiva. Hope we will see you there.
    19. ROVERT81402
    20. bgallini
      Hi, Thanks for the info about T2 and DKA. I had heard DKA was less likely for T2 but that's the only thing I could think that could be an immediate concern for my sil's mom. (Sil wanted to take her to the Dr and mom didn't want to go) Turns out she'd been eating too much candy. Not a whole lot sil can do about that except take all the junk out of the house and that's hard to do when you're dealing with your parents. I think I'm going to suggest that sil visit the ADA site and other sites to learn more about T2. Both her parents have it so she needs to know what's going on...plus she's at risk for developing it.

      Thanks again.

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    Jewish, autistic, diabetic. Want to meet people IRL.

    I'm very interested in disabilities rights. I like to play football, soccer, chess.


    dx age 17, now 25
    on Lantus for 7 years; on minimed 530 G since 12/7/13
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